5 Fall Equinox Rituals To Rejuvenate You & Add Abundant Beauty To Your Autumn

September 17, 2020

The Autumn Equinox is arriving Tuesday, September 22. Traditionally, this marked the time of year around which we would begin to reap the bounty of our summer labors and prepare our homes and pantries for the coming cold weather. In our modern era, however, most of us are either sighing with great relief as the heat wave wanes–or mourning the passing of summer’s long and carefree days. I have always found myself in the former camp, especially now that I live in a tropical climate (our autumn comes late and parts all too soon, in my opinion!). In fact, I’m ready to don my witchiest garb and cast spells under the moon until I feel the tingle of a cool breeze (I’m sure my neighbors would not be concerned at all!).

Wherever you live—and whatever the thermometer says—this time of year is undoubtedly a beautiful time to recenter yourself before the holiday season and consider how we want to “reap” what we “sowed” during the summer. The following self-care ideas will help you get in the fall mood (if you haven’t been in the fall mood since July like some of us!)

5 Fall Equinox Rituals To Rejuvenate You & Add Abundant Beauty To Your Autumn

5 Fall Equinox Rituals

Adjust Your Beauty Regimen Accordingly

5 Fall Equinox Rituals To Rejuvenate You & Add Abundant Beauty To Your Autumn

Did you treat your skin to several detoxifying masks this summer? Perhaps you were diligent about getting facials and combatting hyperpigmentation or undereye circles. Now is the time to protect your results by investing in (more) sunscreen and making sure your beauty arsenal is stocked with antioxidant-rich, moisturizing products that will make your skin feel pampered and plump. Spend a bit of time going through products eliminating any that are past their prime or simply not serving you. Take it a step further and find an on-trend makeup item for fall—I am loving these nail colors!

Reconnect with a Loved One

5 Fall Equinox Rituals To Rejuvenate You & Add Abundant Beauty To Your Autumn

Summer travels and festivities may take us all over the globe, which makes autumn a perfect time to reconnect with our favorite people in our own town. Nothing beats seeing someone in person, so meet for coffee with a friend—or schedule some one-on-one time with your SO (fellow marrieds and parents may know what I mean about the importance of literally scheduling a date—or even a glass of wine on the couch!). Use the Fall Equinox as a reminder to get in contact and lock down a get-together if you haven’t made plans already.


These 5 Journaling Prompts Will Help You Tap Into Your Creative Ambition

We couldn’t have an article about rituals without a journalling prompt! Grab a pen and paper and reflect on the summer. What did you accomplish? What went well? What would you like to change this fall? How do you plan to continue to make progress toward long-term goals? If you’re up to it, look at your goals from the start of the year. Are you still on track to meeting them? Alternatively, allow yourself to write freely—just pour your feelings onto the page. Sometimes this is the best way to prepare yourself to close one chapter and begin another.

Let Your Basic Flag Fly–But Put Your Personal Spin On It

5 Fall Equinox Rituals To Rejuvenate You & Add Abundant Beauty To Your Autumn

Fall is a booming industry—from Pumpkin Spice Lattes to pumpkin patches to black leggings galore. (Is it possible to invest in “Fall Stuff” stocks?? ‘Cause that would be brilliant. Just kidding—please for your own sakes don’t take my financial advice.) Many of these signature fall things are considered “basic” or frivolous and mainstream, etc. But if you love PSLs or leggings with tall boots—enjoy them! Own your popular loves and then put your own spin on them. Maybe there’s a creative (and healthier) way to make a pumpkin spice latte at home (try adding some vegan collagen!). Sometimes the little things really make our day and keep us inspired to keep going. This equinox, make a committment to yourself to be yourself and enjoy the process.

Make an Autumn Bath

5 Fall Equinox Rituals To Rejuvenate You & Add Abundant Beauty To Your Autumn

This idea comes from High Vibrational Beauty (which is a really fun read if you just want to enjoy a gorgeous book as part of your autumnal weekend!). Grab a big bottle of raw apple cider vinegar from the grocery. Fill a tub with hot water and add 1 to 2 cups of ACV. Soak as long as you like. Authors Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse vow that the apple cider vinegar bath will help banish fungal conditions while restoring skin’s pH balance and imparting B vitamins and vitamin C.


How are you planning to celebrate the beginning of fall?

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