Go Beyond #MeToo & Pick These 5 Lovely Gifts That Empower Sex Trafficking Victims

November 16, 2017

Around the world, many men and women fall victim to sex trafficking. As there are many obstacles victims face, such as poverty, unemployment and family instability, during and after their sexual exploitation, it can be difficult for them to move towards a future of hope and freedom.

Acknowledging the need for support, there are many companies making it their mission to produce products that provide safe employment while offering holistic care for these survivors. These companies are committed to empowering survivors and bringing awareness to communities about what they can do to be proactive.

As a conscious consumer, I love these products because they not only give back to a cause that I am passionate about, but they are also earth-friendly and made with love.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite products from brands that work to empower victims of sex trafficking.


Clothing supporting sex trafficking victims

Hosanna capelet cardigan in Steel Gray $68

Based in Nepal, Elegantees is a clothing company that hires sex trafficking survivors. Each employee is provided a safe working environment, a fair wage and paid time off. Offering a large selection of clothing items, their aim is to provide minimalism in their clothing so that the confidence of the woman shines through. Their fabric is provided through GOTS certified organic cotton suppliers in India, which is a supplier that ensures that the farmer does not have to work surrounded by harmful chemicals, that they are provided a fair wage and that they are not being exploited by human trafficking. Their cardigans are the perfect addition to any outfit this winter; they give back all while keeping you warm and fashionable!


Jewelry that supports sex trafficking victims

Sierra Necklace $65

ISanctuary is an organization that provides holistic care to survivors of sex trafficking. They have “sanctuaries” in Orange County, California and Mumbai, India, where they provide aftercare such as education, micro-loans, counseling, and medical care, among other services. Their jewelry line, Purpose Jewelry, helps to fund these opportunities. They offer a beautiful array of pieces, and each one helps to bring a survivor that support and freedom they deserve.

Thistle Farms

Products supporting sex trafficking victims

Nourishing Body Butter Mini $6.50

Thistle Farms is a Nashville-based company that provides women of sex trafficking, addiction, abuse, and prostitution a place of healing. Employment opportunities are provided to graduates of their program, where they run the Thistle Farm Cafe, make organic bath and body products, and children’s goods. What I love is that they provide a full list of the ingredients used in all of their bath and body products.  Their products help to keep their programs running, as well as provide job opportunities for the survivors.

Sari Bari

Overnight Bag supporting sex trafficking victims

Didi Overnighter Pack $61

Sari Bari is a company based in Kolkata that turns secondhand saris into beautiful home and clothing items. From blankets to yoga bags, each item is handcrafted by a survivor of Kolkata’s red light areas. Each product is signed by the woman who made it, and your purchase becomes part of her freedom. A sari is the traditional garment worn by women in India, and it represents womanhood.  The word “bari” means “house or home” in Bengali. Put together, the name stands as a powerful safe haven for these women.

My Sister

Clothing supporting sex trafficking victims

Stop Traffick Gray Map Tank  $34

Based in Minnesota, My Sister provides ethically sourced products made with environmentally friendly practices. They provide support programs for victims of sex trafficking, raise awareness in communities and work to create opportunities for victims. Their clothing displays powerful phrases that make a bold statement. They are Earth-friendly and hand printed in the United States.

Do you know of a company that supports sex traffick survivors? Is there another company whose mission you are passionate about and support? Do tell in the comments!

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