How To Be A Powerful Advocate When You're Insanely Busy

May 26, 2022

How To Be A Powerful Advocate When You're Insanely Busy

If you’re an animal welfare advocate intent on saving the world, but struggle to convert your passion into action, you’re not alone. Spending hours volunteering, leafletting, and staying active in the plant-based community is easier said than done when you’re already juggling a job, a family, and your endless list of adult responsibilities. However, actively participating in the plant-based movement doesn’t have to be time-intensive and draining. If you’re looking to activate your activism on a time crunch, check out these easy tips to contribute that leave you with time to spare for the rest of your to-do list.

Share on Social Media

Take advantage of our ultra-connected world by sharing your passion for animal welfare and a plant-based lifestyle via social media. Just be sure to strategize; there is a huge difference between spreading awareness and obnoxiously flooding your friends’ newsfeeds with graphic images of factory farming. Your message should be one of compassion that, when shared effectively, can pique the interest of those in your network and entice them to learn more (#attractivism).

When posting on Facebook, don’t share vegan information too frequently, and make sure the articles and information you share are credible and informative–and avoid anything that is aggressive, graphic, or militant (you are trying to spread a compassionate lifestyle, after all).

If you like to post photos of your delicious vegan meals, try Snapchat or Insta-stories, platforms that encourage posting multiple times a day and don’t stay on a feed for an extended period of time. Additionally, try compiling useful information that your followers can choose to peruse if they wish, such as a vegan book list on Goodreads or a plant-based Pinterest board with your favorite recipes or beauty brands.

Turn Social Hour into Social Good Hour

If you want to help animals while spending time with your loved ones, make a date to do both at the same time. It’s an easy way to hold yourself accountable and is a perfect opportunity to catch up with the most important people in your life. Do you have a standing brunch date with your girlfriends? Instead of munching on French toast and sipping mimosas, spend a Saturday morning volunteering with a local animal rescue. Or, you can try mixing up your date night by attending an animal rights event in your area with your partner. Doing so will strengthen your bond and make you both feel great.

A Busy Girl's Guide to Plant-Based Activism

Spend Your Money Wisely

Ensure that your hard-earned money is well spent by aligning your purchases with your principles. Make an effort to support cruelty-free companies, especially small ones that are still growing and need your patronage the most. You can also check out your area to find local business that support animal welfare organizations or sell vegan specialty products. Additionally, eating at plant-based restaurants creates a community in which compassionate businesses can thrive. And if you love a non-vegan restaurant that has plenty of veggie options, let them know how much you appreciate it and encourage them to add more to the menu. Or if they don’t, it’s easy to suggest simple menu additions, such as offering soy/almond milk or serving veggie burgers. And if you love to shop online, it’s easy to make sure that your shopping cart gives back, with charity shopping portals like Amazon Smile, which donates 0.5% of your purchase to the nonprofit of your choice.

Automate Your Activism with Recurring Donations

One of the quickest ways to stay active in the plant-based community is to set up a recurring donation for your favorite animal welfare organization. Nonprofits rely heavily on the generous support of like-minded individuals, and they often need financial contributions far more than they need volunteers. Choose a small amount that comfortably fits in your budget (and won’t overdraft your bank account) and know that your gift is helping animals all year long.

Remember that Knowledge Is Power

If you’re passionate about animal welfare and a plant-based lifestyle, the most powerful tool at your disposal is knowledge. Staying well-informed about current issues is key if you want to make a difference. Make a point of reading the most up to date literature, news articles, and scientific findings to ensure that you are aware of the work that still needs to be done, as well as knowing what are facts vs. myths. Plus, you’ll always have excellent recommendations of reading material for those who want to learn more.

Work on Your Vegan “Elevator Pitch” to Motivate Friends

Ask any vegan or animal rights advocate, and they’ll tell you they get a lot of questions from people about their lifestyle. Because people are so inquisitive, it’s important to have an educated, level-headed, and succinct response for people who ask “So why are you vegan?” or “What does cruelty-free mean?” The goal should never be to judge others or point fingers at their lifestyle. Stay open, gracious, and genuinely helpful in answering questions. Spread your love for animals with compassion, peace, and joy.

How do you follow your activism passion while staying on top of your busy schedule? 

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