Swap Toxic Mall Candles For These Dreamy, Evocative Sweater Weather Diffuser Blends

September 25, 2019

Autumn has officially started, and in some parts of the country, it may actually be beginning to feel like a different season (alas, in coastal Texas, not so, but in my heart, it’s all crisp mornings and golden leaves, so please allow me this little fantasy during this difficult time of 90-degree weather and cray humidity, thank you).

Swap Mall Candles For These Sweater Weather Diffuser Blends

While there’s no shame in just a little engagement with the seasonal commercialism—I think we should all be allowed our ~basic~ moments!—I argue that creating our own, more unique traditions can be even more special. And when we’re more selective about the seasonal mood we’re curating for ourselves, we can make our choices healthier—for the environment and for our bodies!

One of the most enriching seasonal activities you can do is scent your home with fall-inspired scents. Perhaps the most popular way to do so is with candles, particularly the confectionary blends from the mall, the home fragrance equivalent of a sugary pumpkin spice latte (and fall candles have nearly reached the same popularity as the iconic PSL). While I’m not one to deny anyone a lovely candle experience from time to time, there are reasons to use them sparingly (or not at all, depending on their formulation).

For one, your average traditional, cheap candles are made with paraffin, a by-product of the petroleum industry, and release soot, a.k.a. the result of the incomplete combustion of carbon molecules (bleh). Another common base for conventional candles is palm oil, which often falls prey to unethical harvesting. Add to that the cheaply formulated fragrances that rely on synthetic ingredients: while the classification of “synthetic” alone isn’t enough to mean that something is “unhealthy,” the problem lies in the lack of transparency in these ingredients. (When you are in the mood for a candle, opt for soy-based wax infused with essential oils!)

If you’re looking for a friendly fall home fragrance option that you’ll be more comfortable with enjoying on a daily basis (and one that may last your several seasons), consider using an essential oil diffuser to diffuse a few lovely oils that capture the spirit of autumn. The nice thing about an essential oil diffuser is that it will last a very long time (I’ve had mine for seven years, and it’s still like new), and a small bottle of essential oil goes quite a long way because your diffuser only needs a few drops to work its magic. Here are my suggestions!

Swap Mall Candles For These Sweater Weather Diffuser Blends

Cb2 Ona Black Essential Oil Diffuser

9 Best Fall-Inspired Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

*Adjust quantity and ratios to your preferences!*

Cozy Feels

Swap Mall Candles For These Sweater Weather Diffuser Blends

Reminiscent of the very best of fall: golden mornings, freshly baked goods, and resinous woods. 

Frankincense (4 drops), Clove (2 drops) and Orange (2 drops)

Pumpkin Spice

Swap Mall Candles For These Sweater Weather Diffuser Blends

Classic autumn yumminess 

Cinnamon (4 drops), Clove (2 drops), Ginger (2 drops), Allspice (2 drops), Orange (2 drops), and Nutmeg (2 drops), Coffee (optional; 2 drops)

Dude in Flannel

Swap Mall Candles For These Sweater Weather Diffuser Blends

As swoon-worthy as a sexy woodsman

Cinnamon (3 drops), Silver Fir (3 drops), Rosemary (2 drops), Patchouli (2 drops)

Cider on the Stove

Inspired by autumn’s other delicious drink

Cinnamon (3 drops), Clove (3 drops), Ginger (3 drops)

Witchy Vibes

Swap Mall Candles For These Dreamy Sweater Weather Diffuser Blends

Spells performed by moonlight, vampy fingernails, presidential hexes, tarot cards spread on a silky scarf, and games of levitation

Patchouli (4 drops), Sandalwood (3 drops), Palo Santo (1 drop)

Fall Walk

Swap Mall Candles For These Sweater Weather Diffuser Blends

Head-clearing, soul-lifting 

Cypress (4 drops), Silver Fir (4 drops), Sandalwood (2 drops)

Campfire Love

Swap Mall Candles For These Dreamy Sweater Weather Diffuser Blends

Primal, romantic, earthy

Frankincense (4 drops), Spruce (3 drops), Orange (2 drops)

Sweater Weather

Cozy. Nostalgic. Gorgeous. 

Cinnamon (2 drops), Clove (2 drops), Nutmeg (2 drops), Patchouli (2 drops), Vetiver (2 drops)

Fall Focus

Swap Mall Candles For These Sweater Weather Diffuser Blends

Clear your mind with this bright yet meditative blend

Juniper berry (4 drops), Silver Fir (3 drops), Eucalyptus (2 drops)

Have you tried diffusing essential oils yet? What are your favorite blends? Let us know in the comments below!

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