How Cacao Ceremonies Harness Self-Love & Give You Life-Changing Clarity

September 16, 2020

Cacao CeremonyWe sat together in a circle, a group of friends and I. The room was dim, lit only by candles and salt lamps. In the middle, someone was spooning thick, rich cacao into mugs and handing them around. In smaller groups we drank, sang, cried and talked about what we wanted to release. The ceremony ended with a group embrace that was charged with love, support and understanding.

Using cacao ceremonially connects us to pure love

Cacao ceremonies have been used for centuries as a way to open the heart, release negative energy and tap into a state of love. The first people to harness the power of cacao were the ancestors of Central America, the Olmec people. Since then, Aztec and Mayan civilizations have also used cacao ceremonially.

Cacao ceremonies are when ceremonial grade cacao is consumed in a mindful and intentional way. They can be done either alone or as part of a group. Before partaking in the ceremony people usually set an intention, either something they want to manifest or something they want to release. Cacao helps people achieve these things by opening the heart, allowing mental clarity and removing inhibitions.

Cacao has led to some pretty big revelations

Whenever I’ve felt lost or stuck I’ve turned to cacao. I roll out my yoga mat, light some candles, place crystals on the floor, and play a soothing playlist. While making my cacao I am in the moment really focusing on the smell and how the hot mug feels against my skin.

Before setting off to travel long-term, I was feeling a lot of guilt and confusion about leaving my family. I am very close to them and I wished I could live the life I wanted while remaining near them. I decided to have a cacao ceremony to help gain clarity on what I wanted. With my journal in hand, I sat and wrote anything that came to mind. By the end of the ceremony, I’d danced, cried and realized that I had to live the life I wanted and that they would want that too.

Other times I have felt lost about which path to take, so I’ve sat with my boyfriend, done a cacao ceremony together and then spoke as my heart opened and my true desires came to light.

It’s the perfect way to honor new and full moons

Another time I like to partake in ceremonies is during full and new moons. During a new moon, I use cacao in order to help manifest the things I want. As I sit, sipping on my cacao, I get really clear on the things I want. I project into the universe mental images of my dream life while simultaneously channelling the gratitude I have for my current life. When it’s a full moon, I focus on the aspects of myself or my life that I want to release. Often times that is negative thought patterns I have. Using cacao helps me get to the root of these problems and after several ceremonies, they start to unravel and fall away.

Cacao ceremonies boost mental health and self-love

cacao ceremony

As cacao is a natural heart opener, using it ceremonially helps to connect to feelings of universal and self-love. All inhibitions start to melt away and are replaced by feelings of euphoria. It’s almost like being drunk except you are fully aware and in control. During times of anxiety or feelings of deep sadness, cacao has allowed me a way out, whether that is completely changing my mood or showing me the light at the end of the tunnel. This can help bring about feelings of hopefulness and gratitude regardless of my current situation.

The act of setting up a ceremony alone is also the perfect self-care ritual. You can make the ceremony as basic or as grand as you like but turn your phone off and be fully there in the moment with the drink and your heart. I like to set no expectations or routine to my ceremonies and see where they take me. Where I end up is usually exactly where I needed to be. Sometimes the ceremonies are serious and end in releases of emotions, other times they are a joyous affair and are filled mainly with music and dancing.

How to make your cacao elixir

I like to make my drink as close to pure cacao as possible. I buy ceremonial grade cacao (in disks) and melt it into hot water adding in a splash of maple syrup and some cinnamon. After mixing it together well, allow it to cool and make sure you take each sip with mindfulness and intention.

Let me know, do you partake in cacao ceremonies and if so, what are your experiences?

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