How to Clear Energy Blocks & Manifest Self-Improvement, According To A Therapist

July 23, 2018

Have you ever had a strong desire for change in your life—whether that’s breaking an unproductive habit or just tweaking your daily routine—but found that you feel blocked in some vague (and frustrating!) way? As a person who often craves self-improvement but has trouble nailing down where to start and how to get from A to B, I am familiar with feeling as if I’m stuck in one train car and I need to get to another one but it’s on another track and I just. can’t. get. there.

Many New Age thinkers posit that if we can just get in touch with our energy and the energy around us, we can make changes like never before. Energy is simpler than we often make it out to be according to therapist Aimee Falchuk. “All we need to understand energy is to get quiet and feel into ourselves or our surroundings,” she says. “For example, when we feel present, our energy is grounded; when we feel attraction or repulsion, we may feel an energetic charge; when we laugh or cry, we may feel a discharge of our energy.” Intuiting how energy is moving at a given time, therefore, is a matter of being observant.

How to Clear Energy Blocks & Manifest Self-Improvement

Whether you subscribe to Falchuk’s theory or view “energy,” in this context, as a metaphor for emotions and sensations, energy undoubtedly plays a powerful role in our day-to-day living. We can recognize when we’re in a healthy state of flow and when we feel absolutely blocked.

Although not all situations are under our control, Falchuck explains that we can productively direct our energy via our consciousness: “If we think of this in terms of the energy and consciousness of the human experience we may see that the more conscious we are, the more we direct our energy towards creation, connection, and evolution. The less conscious we are, the more our energy is used towards separation, stagnation, or even destruction.”

In other words, manifesting positive changes in our lives may be much more doable when we’re more present and self-observing.

How to Clear Energy Blocks & Manifest Self-Improvement

While that all sounds good on paper, being more conscious or more present can be difficult when we’re up against the rush of the workday and the demands of modern society. The following habits can help you unblock—or at least observe—your energy with the ultimate goal of more easily accessing a state of flow and self-directed personal evolution:

  1. Observe your thinking. Begin with your first thought upon waking and simply take note of what words you use to describe the way you feel or your thoughts about the day ahead of you.
  2. Move your body. Begin with your feet and work your way up, tensing and stretching your muscles. Does moving your body in any particular way bring up emotions? Do you feel that moving helps you ease any energy blocks?
  3. Grab a notebook and start free writing. Free writing is a form of free association. Simply write down the first things that come to mind for a period of 10 minutes or longer. This practice was developed by creative writer Natalie Goldberg who explains that free writing helps us “burn through to first thoughts, to the place where energy is unobstructed by social politeness or the internal censor, to the place where you are writing what your mind actually sees and feels.”How to Clear Energy Blocks & Manifest Self-Improvement
  4. Observe others. How do you feel in their presence? Can you describe the quality of their energy? How does it interact with your own?  Falchuk says, “don’t figure it out, feel it out.”

How to Clear Energy Blocks & Manifest Self-Improvement, According To A Therapist

Do you practice a ritual for clearing energetic blocks?

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