10 Vegan Clothing Brands Giving Back to Animals

December 14, 2016

Vegan clothing brands with environmentally friendly and ethical philosophies have successfully made the transition from emerging trend to fashion staple. And while fashion has always seemed to equate glamour with cruelty to animals through its obsession with fur and leather, some progressive and innovative designers have made giving back to our furry friends a key component of their brand by donating profits to causes such as anti-poaching efforts and shelters. Now, consumers seeking organic and sustainable wardrobes have the opportunity to make a difference and look good in the process.   What’s not to love? To help you get started, I’ve highlighted ten of these amazing vegan clothing brands below.

Vegan Clothing Brands

1. One Tribe Apparel


One Tribe Apparel donates $1 per every pair of pants sold to Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, a sanctuary that has been rescuing and rehabilitating elephants for over 20 years.

2. Snare Wire Jewelry

Vegan Clothing Brands - Snare Wire Jewelry

Zimba Snare Wire Leaf Earrings

Snare Wire Jewelry is made from snare-wire traps collected in Zambia, Africa by anti-poaching patrols. The jewelry is made by local female artisans in an effort to allow women to become more economically empowered. For each piece sold, $5 is donated to two partner conservation groups in Zambia who are fighting against poaching.

3. Fetch Eyewear

Vegan Clothing Brands - Fetch eyewear

Beautiful designer eyewear for men and women. They let you try up to six pairs of glasses for seven days–free, include a lifetime frame warranty with each purchase, and free shipping! Fetch also proudly donates all of their profits to the Pixie Project, named by Huffington Post as one of the top nonprofits that will help shape the next decade. The project is an animal rescue and shelter, working to improve animal welfare through rescue, veterinary care, and education.

4. n: philanthropy

Vegan Clothing Brands - 10 Charitable Fashion Brands

New Arrivals

n: philanthropy is high fashion with a purpose. They never use real fur or leather and donate 10% of their net proceeds to both the SPCA in southern California and funding for pediatric cancer research.

5. Miomojo

Vegan Clothing Brands - miomojo handbag

La Classica Handbag

From their creation, Miomojo has partnered with Animals Asia, an organization trying to stop the bear bile trade and shut down bear farms. More than 10,000 bears are kept in captivity while their bile is extracted in painful and invasive ways, ultimately leaving them with severe infections. In 2014, Miomojo donated $20,000 in aid. They offer exclusive collections of phone covers and bags, featuring the bears in addition to a wide collection of stunning handbags.

6. Olsen Haus: Pure Vegan

Vegan Clothing Brands - olsen haus maryjane

Genesis Mary Jane

Founded by Elizabeth Olsen in 2008, an outspoken animal rights activist. Olsen is truly a pioneer in eco-chic and has spoken out against animal cruelty in fashion, entertainment, and food. Her company has donated product to over one hundred organizations for fundraising efforts. While she specializes in shoes, her shop also features wallets and bags.


Vegan Clothing Brands - TOMS Animal Initiative Elephant Print

Classic Elephant Print

The TOMS Animal Initiative comprises a series of partnerships that work to conserve and protect wildlife. Currently, TOMS is working with the Clinton Foundation and Wildlife Conservation Society to help save elephants from poachers. TOMS also donates to a variety of other causes that provide clean drinking water, medical care, shoes, and more to people around the world.

8. Freedom of Animals

Vegan Clothing Brands - Freedom of Animals Spring 2015 Collection

Freedom of Animals Clutch

Freedom of Animals produces cruelty-free luxury, designer bags. They are partners with Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, an organization that rehabilitates orphaned elephants and rhinos whose mothers have been killed by poachers. The company honors the lives of these animals by naming each bag after one of the rescued animals. Which is why it’s one of our favorite vegan clothing brands!

9. Animal Behavior

Vegan Clothing Brands - Animal Behavior Panthera jumpsuit

Panthera Jumpsuit

A standout among vegan clothing brands with a high-fashion sophistication, each collection at Animal Behavior is inspired by an endangered species to increase awareness. The company donates 5% from each purchase to Panthera, a group that works to conserve and protect the amur leopard, an endangered species close to extinction. All clothing is locally made in California from recycled textile waste like excess samples and leftovers from overproduction. In order to counter the environmental impact of shipping, Animal Behavior also donates to carbon offset programs for each shipment.

10. Sevenly

Vegan Clothing Brands - Sevenly National Park Foundation graphic tee


Shirt Supporting National Park Foundation

Sevenly describes their movement as “cause-art,” producing adorable graphic tees and artwork that have raised over 4 million dollars for charities.   Each week, they feature a new “cause of the week” and a collection to go along with it! When you buy a shirt from the collection, Sevenly donates $7. For other items purchased, Sevenly gives 7% to their partner causes. Not sure what to choose? Try my personal favorite—the cause box. Each quarter, you’ll receive $150 worth of products from Sevenly’s favorite socially conscious brands. To stock the boxes, they work with companies like Parker Clay who are empowering women by providing jobs.

Which one of these eco-friendly vegan clothing brands are you intrigued by?

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