Turn Your #BrowGoals Into Reality With This Genius 30 Second Trick

March 12, 2018

Mother knows best. 

Recently, I was chatting with my Mother and somehow the topic of eyebrows presented itself.

“Apparently,” my Mother starts, “you’re now supposed to add face powder to your eyebrows.”

“Oh yeah?” I reply.  Suspicious as I’d never heard this beauty tip before.

“Yep,” she says. “Can’t remember where I saw it but I guess it makes them look thicker.”

Ah. Thicker, you say? Combine thicker and eyebrows in a sentence and I’m all ears. While I have serviceable eyebrows I don’t have great, envy-worthy eyebrows. I was intrigued…

Vegan Eyebrow Tips

Putting it to the Test

The next morning, after washing my face and applying cream I decided to give it a go. I’m not a “makeup person” and thus don’t have fancy tools or many products. But that’s okay–this trick is perfect for those with a fuss-free beauty routine.

I simply took a face powder, I use bareMinerals original loose powder foundation, dipped my face brush into the powder and powdered my brows. I then used a colored eyebrow gel like I normally would.


It works!

The face powder covers all the eyebrow hairs nicely. Therefore, when you use the colored gel, it really gets in there and coats everything nicely.

I also tried using this incredible pearl face powder before applying brow gel and it too worked wonderfully.

How to do it

  1. Apply a skin-colored or translucent powder to eyebrows with an eyebrow brush. Really get in there with the brush to make sure all the hairs are covered.
  2. Brush eyebrows upwards with a colored eyebrow gel.

That’s it! Super easy, fast, and simple brow routine that gives you lush brows without all the fuss.

Eyebrow Gels 

The eyebrow gel I currently use I don’t really like very much. I’ve used Boy Brow from Glossier and Gimme Brow from Benefit in the past. Although I liked these products, they aren’t vegan and so I will not buy them again.

After some searching online I found a few products that I like the look of and will try when I run out of my current brow gel. These products are vegan and have loads of really great reviews.

Brow Tamer from Urban Decay and Tinted Brow Gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills

Turn Your #BrowGoals Into Reality With This Genius 30 Second Trick

Do you have a favorite vegan brow gel you like to use? What ways do achieve #browgoals?

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Photo: Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash

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