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Brookfield Zoo Announces Birth of a Snow Leopard Cub


Monday morning blues got you down? Stare at these first photos of a snow leopard cub, just released by the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago! The cub was born on June 13 to mom Sarani and dad Sabu. At two months, he only weighs about ten pounds (the size of a cat). As he matures, his solid spots will turn into rosettes. Snow leopards are an endangered species native to the mountains of Central Asia, with population estimated at 3,500-7,000, so this birth is especially welcome news.

baby snow leopard brookfield zoo

I’m all for respecting the integrity of animals and not anthropomorphizing them, but gosh darn it, he is too cute. If you don’t want your heart to turn to putty, then don’t watch this video that will slow down your heart rate and banish any Monday blues.

See? Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

baby snow leopard brookfield zoo 2

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Photo: Brookfield Zoo

peaceful dumpling

peaceful dumpling

  • Forever Fascinated

    Literally could watch that video on repeat ALL day. I had to stop myself. He weighs as much as my puppy! They’d be best friends…*heads to Brookfield Zoo to get Wednesday a new buddy* hehe.

  • Juhea Kim

    Snow leopard cub = Wednesday = Zeus the cat?! How can all three be the same weight? Uncanny!
    Also, I love how his eyes are so curious and full of wonder as he approaches the camera–just like baby humans and other baby animals!

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