Best Vegan Cookbooks That No Self-Loving Foodie Should Be Without

August 15, 2017

There are still a few weeks left during which BBQ (or, better yet, VBQ) food is on the brain. Summertime cooking can excite even the least confident or skilled home chef to try out new things with the rainbow of produce and easy, throw-together, no-cook meals that define the season. To keep that excitement going well through the end of the year, there’s no better time than now to start stocking up on the best vegan cookbooks that will inspire even when the temperatures start to drop. Take a look through these highly anticipated, top-rated, mostly vegan, and all delicious guides and get to pre-ordering!


Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen

$24.95, Vegan Heritage Press

Seattle native and acclaimed blogger Richa Hingle is back with more Indian-inspired, cruelty-free dishes that fit the bill any day of the week and a variety of dietary needs, including soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and under 30 minute cook times (yes, that’s a dietary need when you’re hungry…). Her first book, Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen, is a great reference and one of the best vegan cookbooks if you’re looking to achieve easy and authentic Indian meals without worrying about exchanging ingredients like ghee and cream yourself. Portions of the proceeds from her books also go to a variety of animal protection charities around the world, so buying this book is a win-win for you and the earth.

cherry-bombe cookbook

Cherry Bombe

$35, Clarkson Potter

Here’s a book where the collective force behind it is as important as what’s in it. The feminist women’s magazine Cherry Bombe compiled the biggest women in cooking—think Melissa Clark and Molly Yeh—between these gorgeously pink covers to give you pages of woman-fueled and fueling meals. Delicious inside and out!


Fuss-Free Vegan

$24.95, Appetite

I personally dislike those meat alternatives billed by marketing minds as “tastes just like chicken/beef/bacon.” Apparently, neither does Canadian blogger Sam Turnbull, founder of “It Doesn’t Take Like Chicken.” In her first book, she offers readers over 100 options for comfort food that will knock your socks off, from creme brûlée to mac and “cheese.” Chrissy Teagan, you can have all the Cravings you want; we vegans are craving just fine all on our own.



Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant and Unfussy New Recipes

$35, Knopf

One of the original queens of the food blogosphere Deb Perelman treats us all with this second book of 100+ meals perfect for, you guessed it, every day. This time ’round she’s even more conscious of including mostly plant-based dishes, but from personal experience, I can attest to how simple it is to veganize just about everything she makes; there’s also a great online community of her readers who are always eager to share tips and tricks for modifications.



$39.99, Regan Arts

Matthew Kenney gives us the best of both worlds—delicious food and an environmental message—but in a way, he gives us the best of the whole world. His lifestyle company offers a host of wellness services besides just food, all part of his mission to “to bring together culinary art and ultimate nutrition.” This book will surely deliver on both with a package as innovative and beautiful as everything inside.


The How Not to Die Cookbook

$29.99, Flatiron Books

Word on the street is that plant-based diets help you live longer, and Dr. Michael Greger has made that abundantly clear with his best-selling book How Not To Die (which was, by the way, endorsed by the Dalai Lama), for which this is the perfect companion. Publishing just in time for holiday season, the pair would be the ideal, not-so-subtle nudge for friends and family who haven’t yet gotten on the health bandwagon and need this kind of upfront scientific backing to make the change for a better, longer life.


The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook

$19.95, VanVella Books

Similar to Dr. Greger’s approach, the ladies of Main Street Vegan Academy aim to arm their readers and students with knowledge about plant-based eating. Their renowned health coaching program is translated for the masses here, with not only recipes that are easy and fun but tips on transitioning into a vegan lifestyle. Sounds like the perfect New Year’s Resolution kick-starter to me, even for committed vegans who are looking for more guidance on how to stock up and stay healthy without animal products.


Food52 Vegan

$22.99, Ten Speed Press

This one’s not technically new, but it’s one of the best vegan cookbooks should be in every vegan’s cookbook collection (and makes the perfect gift for anyone). A beloved foodie and food writer Gena Hemshaw curated this compendium of all things vegan, with the backing of one of the best food platforms online (including the serving ware…swoon). Gorgeous photography and an overall minimalist layout makes vegan cooking seem like a breeze, thereby amping the likelihood of spending your hard-earned dollars at Whole Foods in the bulk aisle rather than on Seamless.

What are the best vegan cookbooks in your opinion?

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