About Jesse Maclaine

Natural born singer Jesse Maclaine was forced to take piano lessons as a teenager, this led her away from a secure career path in musical theater and into a dangerous and exciting life as a professional musician and songwriter. After 20 years as an indie musician she has written over 120 original songs, composed/arranged scores for a feminist horror comedy and fractured fairy tale musical theater production, and performed thousands of pop, rock, folk, blues, jazz, and classical music concerts in renown venues all over America. In 2013, after being gluten free for five years for health reasons, Jesse and her husband watched one too many Netflix documentaries and decided to go vegan for the animals. When it's business time, she's making music or working as an activist for animal rights, feminist issues, and the environment. During play time she loves to watch movies, snuggle with her cats, play fetch with her dogs, and create yummy gfv food with her husband. Follow or friend her on social media for new music, vegan food pics, activist posts, cute cat pictures, and random funnies. Follow Jesse on Instagram @jesse_maclaine_sings.

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