About Amber Arevalos

After graduating from St. Paul High School, Amber attended Saddleback College where she studied kinesiology and played softball for the Gauchos. Her passion has always been to help people in any way possible. After a couple years of studying kinesiology, she realized her passion for helping people could also involve her love for food. She wanted to heal with food rather then eat and teach based off the Standard American Diet. Amber began living a healthy lifestyle and was ready to help others find happiness through food and lifestyle changes. She studied to be a Holistic Nutrition Consultant at Bauman College where she received her certification in 2013. A mother of one and a wife on a mission to try and make the safest, cleanest, and healthiest home products and food. She enjoys making many vegan foods from scratch and has grown accustomed to DIY projects for herself and family. It is her passion to make a safe environment for her son and to make sure he has the most nutritious food possible. Amber has a strong belief in "let thy food be thy medicine." Her purpose in life is to help others through nutrition and teach others how to make simple changes to eat "S.O.U.L.-fully" and live cleanly.

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