Upgrade Your Athleisure Lewk With These 6 Fresh Sneakers Trends

June 27, 2018

Although sneakers are wardrobe staples that really never go out of fashion, each year brings new trends to get excited about, and 2018 has been no exception so far. Thanks to the meteoric rise of the athleisure trend, people are expecting a lot more from their sneakers these days, and designers everywhere are rising to the occasion in some exciting new ways.

It’s no longer enough for sneakers to be comfortable and practical. They need to be in step with all the latest fashion trends, as well as versatile enough to work in a variety of settings. Here are just a few of the current sneaker trends we’re most excited about adding to our own summer wardrobes. Which ones have captured your personal attention?

Upgrade Your Athlesiure Lewk With These 6 Fresh Sneakers Trends

6 Fresh Sneakers Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

1.Throwback Sneakers

As any fashion enthusiast can tell you, retro-fabulous options are never a bad idea when you want to look stylish. It’s just a matter of making sure you know which decades and past trends are currently making the comeback. Right now, it’s all about the ‘80s and ‘90s, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

6 Exciting Sneaker Trends to Kick Your Style into High Gear

Look for sneakers and athletic shoes in flashy, colors and patterns that will turn heads. The positively electric MQM Flex by Merrell in fruit punch is just one example, but rest assured there are many others. Pair your colorful kicks with absolutely anything you like, from your favorite pair of jeans to an eye-catching head-to-toe ‘90s street look.

2. Bootie-Sneaker Hybrids

If there’s one footwear style that’s every bit as fashionable, versatile and sought-after as the sneaker, it’s the bootie, and with good reason. Booties go with absolutely everything, from shorts to dresses to mini-skirts. They’re also a practical but stylish option that is right for nearly any occasion. Booties have been seen gracing the feet of fashion-forward trendsetters everywhere from music festivals to A-list parties lately.

This season, look for hybrid footwear that effortlessly combines everyone’s two favorite shoe styles — bootie-style sneakers. Think chunky, edgy options that almost (but not quite) resemble combat boots or hiking footwear. Features like platform soles, unusual color combinations and space-age accents are also fashion forward.

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Stella McCartney Wedge Sneaker

3. Metallic Sneakers

Metallics have been all the rage for many seasons running now, and they’re showing no signs of going away anytime soon. They’re showing up on everything from accent pieces like handbags and scarves to head-to-toe staples like dresses and jumpsuits. They’re all over the footwear scene as well, but metallic hues are an especially great fit for an everyday staple like a sneaker.

This season, look for understated takes on the metallic shoe, especially in rose gold, platinum and pewter. Slim-fit sneaker options that integrate subtle patterns into the mix are also super-hot right now.

6 Exciting Sneaker Trends to Kick Your Style into High Gear

Stella McCartney Faux Leather Metallic Sneakers

4. Dad Sneakers

The dad sneaker look isn’t a brand-new trend so much as it’s one that’s been steadily gaining traction for a while now — and doesn’t show signs of leaving anytime soon. It ties right in with the emerging rediscovery of retro styles, as well as the increasing focus on shoes that bring actual support and comfort to the table. In other words, dad sneakers aren’t just fashionable. They’re actually easy to live your life in, not to mention supportive for your feet.

Look for bulky styles that feature extra-chunky soles and sporty detailing. Full-on orthopedic-style options are also very fashionable right now, as seen in the collections of Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci and others. As far as colors go, the order of the day for dad sneaks is pristine white. Accents or piping in primary colors like red or blue are very popular right now as well.

6 Exciting Sneaker Trends to Kick Your Style into High Gear

Vans Gum Bumper Slip Ons

5. Slip-On Sneakers

As touched on earlier, people simply expect their footwear picks to go a lot further these days. They don’t want to have to choose between style and functionality. Classic picks like colorful Converse or canvas Keds have always been a great option, but they’re no longer your only choice.

Some of today’s hottest sneaker options don’t actually look like sneakers at all. Look for durable but comfortable materials like stretch vegan suede or hardy mesh. Contoured footbeds, toe guards and cushioned insoles round things out to bring you shoes that are as wearable and supportive as any sneaker without necessarily looking like one.

6 Exciting Sneaker Trends to Kick Your Style into High Gear

Swims Penny Loafers 

6. Wrapped Sole Sneakers

If you’re personally a fan of “un-sneakers” like the slip-on sneaks detailed above, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at wrapped sole sneakers like the Furoshiki trend. They’re made of incredibly comfortable stretch fabrics that wrap around your entire foot. Slipping into a pair of them feels similar to slipping into your favorite pair of socks.

6 Exciting Sneaker Trends to Kick Your Style into High Gear

Wrapped sole sneakers are perfect for folks that prefer comfortable, simple footwear solutions that fit seamlessly into how they live their lives. They pack easily, so they’re perfect for taking on the go or slipping into your handbag just in case the heels you’re wearing start to pinch before your day is over.

They’re quite striking in the looks department as well, not to mention very stylish, so they’re truly the best of all worlds. Slip into a pair today and see for yourself! You’re sure to be glad you did.

Upgrade Your Athlesiure Lewk With These 6 Fresh Sneakers Trends

What kind of sneakers are your favorite? 

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