You Can Get Amal Clooney's Sumptuous Waves With These Exact Steps From Her Stylist

July 29, 2019

Amal Clooney is inspiring in countless ways. Her humanitarian work alone makes her a hero in our book, but, of course, we can’t help but notice (and crush on) her stunning hair. Her signature look combines the best of many worlds—it’s got body, it’s got flattering waves, it’s got high shine, and finally, it’s got just the right dose of put-together polish suited for her profession and life in the spotlight as a beloved global celeb.

In other words, it’s hair goals. Big time.

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Apparently, Clooney’s hair isn’t naturally like that, however (if it were she may actually be a goddess from another planet, no?). Recently, her stylist Rod Ortega, who has also worked with Blake Lively (another lady with out-of-this-world good hair), dished his styling secrets to InStyle. The secret to his craft? A cult hairdryer.

The Secret to Amal Clooney's Waves

The T3 Micro Cura Luxe Digital Ionic Professional Blow Hair Dryer boasts multiple heat settings, a volume booster switch, and an automatic pause sensor. The heat it emits is digitally controlled to release the perfect balance of heat and negative ions, which are believed to help smooth the hair shaft (buh-bye, frizz!) and boost shine. (If the full-size version is a bit too $$$, you may find the compact folding version a bit more budget-friendly—though it’s still a *cough* investment).

“For Amal’s iconic blowout, the number one most important tool I use is my T3 Cura Luxe blow dryer,” he explains. “It’s my go-to for the smoothing effect and the shine. The ion air in the dryer is the key factor in keeping the body, but smoothing the texture.” Note: there are many other hair dryers that offer ion technology. They may not have all the bells and whistles as the T3, but once you master your round brush and your blow-drying angles, no one will be the wiser!

For example, this ceramic Conair dryer is a customer favorite, and it’s just over 30 bucks.

Ortega adds that ion technology can be especially good for those with a naturally frizzy texture. “Amal has very kinky, frizzy hair, and especially when we’re in humid places, I rely on my dryer to do the smoothing work.”

How exactly does he perfect her hair? Strategic sectioning:

“If you want to create body and volume, start blow-drying the top section from the crown of the head to the front of the head (in a mohawk formation) to really give you lift—you want to start with a lot of lift, because hair will always inevitably drop. Also, don’t overuse product, because piling it on can weigh the hair down!”

Got it—go for big volume (which will eventually relax to look more natural—and only use a touch of product!

To shape her loose curls and waves, Ortega turns to a 1.5″ curling iron from—you guessed it!—the luxe T3 line. Promising voluminous, bouncy curls, this iron features a ceramic barrel that emits negative ions that smooth down the cuticle to help hair retain moisture, which may minimize heat-related damage. This less expensive alternative offers similar features.

What’s your signature hair look?

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Photo: Wikipedia Commons; T3

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