All Natural Product Review: Andalou Naturals Beauty Balm

October 17, 2013
Vintage Beauty Cream

The hunt for magic skin potions is nothing new.

The beauty world continues to buzz over its new alliterative darlings—anti-agers (AAs), beauty balms (BBs), and color correctors (CCs).  If you haven’t already succumbed to this latest manifestation of miracle cream fervor, you’re probably wondering whether or not some of these creams live up to the hype.

Despite the constant attention on BBs when they first came out a few years ago, I stayed loyal to my trusty moisturizer with SPF—mainly because I’m wary of most products sold at your average drugstore or beauty counter.  This all changed one day when I took my usual stroll through the body care products aisle at the health food—I have to slather on an array of testers before I do my real shopping!—and tried Andalou Naturals’ All in One Beauty Balm Sheer Tint with SPF 30.

all-in-one-beauty-balm-sheer-tint-bb--pairThis product is part of Andalou’s “Brightening” collection whose mission it is to awaken skin cells, repair damaged cells, and stimulate healthy cell production.  All products in the collection contain an organic fruit stem cell complex made from acai berry, goji berry, and black elderberry—among other superfruits.  The beauty balm in particular provides sheer coverage while serving as a moisturizer, foundation primer, sunscreen, and nourishing serum.  I’ve been using this product since early summer, and I absolutely adore it for the following reasons:

It boasts some awesome ingredients:

  • The first ingredient is aloe vera, which soothes and pampers inflamed or sensitive skin.  I could always use a little more aloe in my life.
  • The second ingredient is jojoba oil, which is your friend, whatever your skin type.  Jojoba oil is non-clogging and oil balancing—great for the oilier among us, and it’s seriously moisturizing for those of us who suffer from dry, flaky skin.  If my skin is feeling particularly parched one morning, I’ll mix in a drop of organic argan oil.
  • Zinc oxide, a natural mineral provides a healthy dose of SPF.  Mineral sunscreen does not compromise skin like its chemical counterpart, oxybenzone, which can reduce the power of antioxidants to fight free-radical damage.
  • Finally, back to this “brightening” business.  Andalou’s BB contains Vitamin C, one of the best nutrients we can feed our skin through serums (and the food we consume)!  Vitamin C improves the appearance of hyper-pigmented or damaged skin.  The powerful antioxidant also boosts collagen and skin-immunity.  Although I’ve gone through some rough patches with my skin in the past few months, this balm always feels restorative.

It’s free of nasties:

  • This BB does not contain any silicones—a common ingredient in most conventional foundation primers and foundations.  Silicones work by sitting on top of skin to lock in moisture, a process that leaves skin feeling silky smooth.  This occlusive layer, however, can cause breakouts for some.
  • Andalou Naturals’ products are cruelty-free, vegan, and free of gluten, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, and petrochemicals. Many of their ingredients are organic and fair-trade.

It performs beautifully:

  • The sheer tint doesn’t leave my light olive complexion looking chalky or orange.  This is especially impressive since mineral sunscreens often don’t blend as nicely.
  • Like the package says, it works alone or under makeup.

Have you tried any alliterative—or non-alliterative—all-natural, innovative products lately?

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