Why Tourists Are Flocking to South Korea For A Personal Color Analysis

June 19, 2023

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It’s no secret that South Korea has taken the international beauty world by storm.

From fermented skincare products to sheet masks, k-beauty has elevated the way the world sees skincare, serums, and the importance of SPF.

Since revolutionizing the beauty industry and breaking barriers in music through k-pop, tourism to Seoul, South Korea’s capital, has skyrocketed. Nearly 1 million U.S. visitors traveled to Seoul in 2018, drawn by the spas, music, beauty treatments, foods, music, and culture. And, with beauty treatments and spas being more affordable in Seoul than in the United States, the k-beauty draw shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Now, tourists are going for the latest k-beauty trend: a personal color analysis, guaranteed to help you dress smarter and sleeker.

What Is A Personal  Color Analysis?

Personal color is a new beauty trend in Korea, with consultants analyzing your skin color and undertones to create a personal palette for your wardrobe. 

The process can go two different ways, the first being a draping process where the stylist drapes large swathes of fabric in various colors over the shoulders, creating an easy comparison of each color. After comparing the colors against one another, the stylist will then select a color palette, with customization to the customer’s particular style—whether they want to be considered professional or playful, colorful or muted. 

The other method involves the pouch analysis, which reviews the customer’s makeup items to advise on the shades and colors that work best. In these pouch analyses, the stylist will also recommend products that naturally complement their skin shade and undertone. 

Once analyzed, customers will typically receive a custom palette to use as reference for future purchases.  These color analyses can typically range from $40 to $100, for a return on investment that lasts a lifetime.

The “Seasons” of Color Analysis

Typically, a color analyst will review your skin during the process and categorize you into one of twelve groups, each of which fall under a specific season of winter, spring, summer, or fall. These seasons fall in a circle, with bright winter and bright spring at the top and soft summer and soft autumn at the very bottom. Each season represents different traits, with summer and winter representing cool tones that look best in silver jewelry and blue-tinted colors, and spring and autumn popping best in golds and yellow-tinged colors. 

Once your season is identified based on your hair, eyes, complexion, and undertones, the analysis will provide the tints that most suit your tone and the types of whites and blacks to work into your wardrobe. 

Where to Find Color Analysis in Seoul

When planning your visit to Seoul, consider checking out one of the top-recommended personal color analysis destinations offering services in both English and Korean: 

Color Society 

Located in Hongdae, Color Society offers an affordable color analysis consultation in three varieties: basic personal color, semi-premium, and all-in-one personal color diagnosis. Depending on the package you select, Color Society will review 130 colors to determine your personal color and color tone, review your makeup bag, recommend cosmetic brands, and even determine your personal jean color. At the all-premium level, visitors will also get the chance to try on customized makeup, including recommendations for your ideal eyebrow shape.

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Vic’s Lab

At the end of your visit, Vic’s Labs will provide  a detailed consultation report, a color card for reference, and Korean makeup brand recommendations based on your own personal colors. Each session lasts one hour to 70 minutes for an individual consultation, or 30-35 per person for a group setting. To top it off, Vic’s Labs also offers personal color lipstick making sessions, skin toner making, and serum making for personalized products to take home from your trip. 

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Meime Color And Beauty

Using the draping method, Meime Color and Beauty will find the colors that suit your body best. This color analysis destination reviews what jewelry, hair color, and makeup make you pop, along with a recommended list of k-beauty products based on your season. The staff offers friendly, professional services to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

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Online Color Analysis Test

While South Korean color analyses offer the professional eye and skill, if flying to South Korea isn’t a possibility for you, all is not lost. Websites like the Concept Wardrobe offer tests with in-depth explanations of your type and how to best leverage it for your wardrobe.

Discover your season and colors for an elevated, fresher feel. Your wardrobe will thank you for this knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

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