8 Ways to Tap into the Power of New Moon in Aries (4/18)

April 17, 2015

8 Ways to Become More Free this New Moon in Aries

Freedom is calling out to us and we are responding with a YES! Being our authentic selves is the main message of the New Moon this April 18th. Here’s the story: the month began with a bang with it’s Full Blood Moon Eclipse on April 4th and set us all in a journey of transformation and all inclusive acceptance. We are starting to make those real changes, removing layers upon layers of conditioning that have been oh-so-limiting. Now we are ready to step into the fullness of our beings. Into the fullness of what we once upon a time where as children–free, joyful, innocent, and whole.

The New Moon in Aries on April 18th gives us the chance to be in our authentic and pure selves–reaching into the deepest part of us that has been there since childhood. In fact, a New Moon in Aries signifies just that, new beginnings with the purest intentions. The New Moon is a perfect time to begin new projects within our souls or in our lives. This being a New Moon in Aries makes it extra special for new beginnings because Aries is literally the beginning of everything.

Aries is the Christ Consciousness and the first sign in the zodiac. When we are a mere thought in God’s plan, when we are in the womb of our mothers..in the dark, Aries conjures up our souls. It is the soul that inhabits everything in this planet we live on: literally the beginning. So we have, my dears, a double wammy of newness and new starts. This new beginning is supported by the strong and fiery Aries energy, which will help us manifest our hearts’ desires ever more quickly. We are coming into this new beautiful part of us that has been waiting to shine and just BE in its fullness.

As a collective (go team!), we are leaving all those fake and delusional patterns behind. We step into the pureness of our souls and go deeper. These four ways are universal and can be used as a focus intention on the day of the New Moon on the 18th at 2:57 pm EDT.

Here are four ways we can all connect to this New Moon in Aries on April 18th, 2015:

1. Check ourselves for inauthentic patterns
What have we been hiding from yourself? What have we been hiding from others? It is a good time to contemplate what is true for us and what is not.

2. Allow for our inner child to play
Let’s enjoy ourselves. Being around children can also help us tap into that joyful spirit within. Let’s let go of the need to be a grown ups (or our societal versions) and go on a swing or something!

3. Remember who we are (We Are the Light)
You know that before we were born into this physical body we were just a soul? Let’s stick to the plan and remember this: We are a soul and we are limitless. Treat yourself as though you are made of this light, and treat others the same way.

4. Act on our constructive/healthy impulses
Those wild dreams, let us act on them now. The New Moon in Aries is the perfect time to go with the flow of what your heart truly desires and what you want to put to plan. Shine baby Shine!

5. Let the negativity slide right out!
Don’t get caught up on what others say about you / your work, or what others want you to do. It’s your time to make decisions for yourself and to stick up for that innocence in you. You know who you are (or it is a perfect time to find out). Know where you end and where others begin.

6. Reset boundaries
After the last Full Moon, our eyes were opened to truths about ourselves and those around us. Keep your healthy boundaries with family, co-workers and those that are close to you, healthy.

7. Connect to your inner strength
Be willing and courageous to take charge to make your dreams come true. There is no stopping us when we are fully in our light and act from higher intuition.

8. Be still my soul
Most of all, a New Moon is the time to reconnect with yourself and find your center. Feel your presence. Meditate and connect to your third eye. New sense of clarity and presence will open up for us all at this time.

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