5 Ways to Enjoy a Snow Day at Home

January 9, 2017

5 Ways to Enjoy a Snow Day at HomeIt’s finally snowing here in New England and that means snow days! If you live in the Northeast like me, you know that this is inevitable: the first significant snowfall and the day you realize winter has arrived. In winter, we are offered the opportunity to slow down, reflect and contemplate as we find stillness and spend more time indoors. I find this pause from the energy and excitement of the summer and autumn harvest to be important; it provides balance.

So, in celebration of the advent of the snow season in New England, I’d like to share with you a few of the things I enjoy doing whenever I am blessed with a snow day at home. No cabin fever here – just a welcomed occasion to relax and indulge.

5 Ways to Enjoy a Snow Day at Home


1. DIY facial

Nothing feels more indulgent than a luxurious facial treatment. After a big glass of water, and a peek through the window to revel at the winter wonderland outside, I immediately set to doing a facial. Cleanse your skin, exfoliate and enjoy a facial steam. My go-to facial steam is rose petals, lavender and chamomile with some added essential oils (more lavender!). Afterwards, choose your DIY mask of choice! I have a tendency to save samples of green beauty masks whenever I purchase organic makeup online, so today I used Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask but you can also create your own mask with clay mixtures and oils. Check out our own great vegan DIY masks.

2. Write a letter to yourself

Turn off the computer, play your favorite tunes, find a piece of paper and write a letter to yourself. Since I am writing this at the start of the new year, this is a great time to reflect on last year, write down what was learned, cherished and renewed. Then, write down intentions for the upcoming year. Clarify dreams, hopes, difficulties and resolutions. When finished, tuck this letter away and place it in a special place. Reread it every 3 months as an affirmation and inspiration.

Reading this article when the New Year is not yet upon us? Journaling is still a great way to set some time aside for creating intentions even for tomorrow, next week or next month. Maybe write down a positive, self-affirming mantra – something to tell yourself throughout the day to maintain an optimistic outlook on your present. There are so many benefits to journaling!

3. Plan your week’s meals

With a busy work schedule, it can be difficult to plan out a variety of delicious and interesting meals. I can’t count how many times I have eaten lentils and kale because it was all I could think up when arriving home at 6 pm. A snow day is a chance to refresh your culinary repertoire. Dust off your old cookbooks! Sit down with your journal or a piece of paper and map out next week’s dishes. My favorite cookbook is The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon. The walnut lentil loaf is incredible!

4. Yoga

A snow day is a great way to reconnect with your yoga practice or keep it up from the intimate setting of your home. Set some music, light some candles, and land on your mat for as long as you want. Breathe, move and meditate to reflect on winter’s stillness. Reflect and recharge from the kindled warmth of your home.

5. Movie & popcorn

What’s a snow day without a cozy few hours cuddled up with a warm blanket, a movie and popcorn? Pop in an old favorite or if you have a streaming service, choose something you have never seen before. For popcorn, I prefer to do it on the stove with kernels rather than a microwaveable bag. A simple topping is some olive oil and sea salt, but you can also add some really creative and delicious toppings to make it extra special like melted vegan dark chocolate, nutritional yeast, or spices such as red-pepper chili flakes!

As the winter continues, practice some indulgent self-care during the next snow day and enjoy the quiet moments that are winter’s gifts.

Have you had the first snowfall in your area? What’s your favorite snow day activity, warm beverage, baking project? Do share! 

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Photo: rose_ibe via Instagram; Kayteelauren via Instagram

Originally from The Bronx, NY, Andrea Caluori is a free-lance writer and yoga instructor based in Western Massachusetts. When she is not writing or practicing yoga, she enjoys hiking up mountains, knitting and exploring New England art and culture.


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