5 Best Vegan Holiday Beers

December 10, 2013

from pbarry on flickrMaybe you’re not the biggest beer fan but you want to try something new for the holiday season. All that seasonal packaging and those spices are pretty tempting! If you’re interested in trying something new to keep you warm this winter, check out these great winter beers and try their food pairings! You won’t be disappointed.

Southern Tier 2Xmas

The mulled wine of beers. You can taste the spices that went into brewing this! It’s very good with holiday desserts such as cookies and cake.

Shiner Holiday Cheer

This beer has a sweet nose and slightly sweet taste. Brewed with peaches and pecans, this one would pair well with fruit or crackers & nut cheeses.

New Belgium Accumulation White IPA

I love the hoppy taste of IPAs and this one is no exception. This is a lighter IPA that has wheat notes which make it a little more palatable for those who aren’t die-hard hops fans. The slightly bitter flavor of this one will pair well with hummus and pita chips. (You can make pita chips yourself at home by cutting pita bread into small pieces, brushing with olive oil, and baking for a few minutes at 350 degrees.)


savory baba ganoush!

Redhook Winterhook Ale

Barnivore gives this beer the vegan-friendly thumbs up! This is a dark ale with slightly chocolatey, nutty notes that would pair well with soft pretzels.

Alaskan Winter Ale

This is an English Olde Ale with a subtle spruce aroma. It’s delicious! I recommend trying this one with a barfood-type sandwich. Heat up some Tofurky bratwurst and slice it down the middle so you can put it on some crusty wheat bread with mustard and some greens.

Tip: barnivore.com has a pretty comprehensive database of information on the vegan status of various alcoholic beverages, but if they’re missing information on something you want to know about, try emailing the brewery directly and asking them!

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Photo: pbarry via flickr; Peaceful Dumpling

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