Why You Don’t Need To Forgive To Move On

January 6, 2022

“Forgive and forget” is an outdated view on releasing the past and hurt. I love this new perspective I have learned recently: you don’t have to forgive others or yourself in order to move forward. Forgiveness is often forced, difficult for many of us, yet we are taught to strive for it and promised it will set us free. This article shows you how letting go is possible without forgiveness.

Forcing yourself is not the way

Not everything can be forgiven, or at least not on command. A popular belief is that as long as you are holding grudge, you cannot fully live and embrace your present and your happiness. Thus, you should learn to forgive as soon as possible. Well, holding grudge is not a solution either. But forgiveness in many situations can be hard and feel unnatural and insincere. Still holding a lot of pain and confusion inside, forgiving may be straight up impossible. Let’s be mindful of honoring the way we feel and giving it time and space. It is okay to not be able to forgive. You can still let go, here is how.

Higher levels of consciousness surpass forgiveness

Forgiveness is a valid concept and, of course, it can do you good, but what I am sharing is that there are higher levels of consciousness that you can attune to, where forgiving is no longer relevant. As you develop your self-awareness, keep working on your growth, you come to realize that there are older versions of you that resonated with the older aspects of your life (situations, people, choices). That’s where regret is coming from, regret of dealing with someone, doing or not doing something.

Those aspects are no longer a match to the new you, the upgraded version of you. That is why they are left behind. Trying to look back and forgive someone or something from that past is pointless, from this perspective, because those things are no longer a vibrational match to you anyway. That is why you may feel so resentful towards them. So why are you even looking back?

You no longer resonate with it, so you are safe

Those people and experiences in the past have been impacting the old version of you. You are already safe. The only thing pushing you towards trying to forgive and forget is your belief that you cannot live freely and let go without fixing, handling, and restoring something. The answer is you don’t need to fix anything. You don’t need to do anything about that past. What you need to do is releaselet go of everything that is no longer you, that is not longer a part of your life, that no longer has an effect on you. Let go of the belief that it has any effect on you.

Simply move forward

This whole concept was shared with me by my friend Mandana Dabiri, whose DNA upgrade program I am following. She told me I should simply “move forward and move on,” leave it all behind with ease, because it is not me anyway. Just look straight ahead and keep going. We never need to carry that baggage. Release the belief of your attachment to the past. You are free!

You are no longer there, with those people and circumstances. They cannot harm you. You cannot harm yourself in that way again, because you do not make those mistakes anymore, and never will. You know better, you are different. You are transformed, grown, adapted, and upgraded. Free from your past, from your hurt, from your memories. Let them stay where they happened. They are no longer a part of your reality.

Why the need to forgive something that you will never deal with again, which level you will never come down to again? The resentment you hold is also handled by looking forward. Without looking back you won’t see it. You would be surprised to realize how much of what is holding you back is just your beliefs of being strangled by it. Visualize removing those ropes.

Assistance with moving forward

There are so many practices helping you release and drop that weight you are carrying, that don’t involve any forgiveness or discussion of the past whatsoever. My favorite practices I have been engaging into lately, that have empowered me immensely to recognize the new me and the power I have to stay present and focus on my present, are:

  • Quantum healing (DNA upgrade practice)
  • Biofield tuning—removing blockages (of past experiences) from your energy field
  • Reiki healing and initiation
  • Daily meditation
  • Kundalini yoga

Believe that you can be free this very moment from whatever you were striving to forgive. You are already free from it. Let go, move on, move forward.

Sending you love.

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Photos: João Ferreira via Unsplash



Anna Chuzhmarova
Anna is a certified biofield tuning practitioner, Reiki healer and writer. She lives in Amsterdam, is a sunset, moon, water, and life appreciator and enjoys time with her loved ones, studying spirituality and healing techniques, sports, yoga, dancing, and self-care. She is passionate about helping others discover the infinite power and love within them and live their best lives. Her Instagram account is @tuningtolove.


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