Why I Make Spring Resolutions Instead of New Years Resolutions

March 24, 2016

Why I Make Spring Resolutions Instead of New Years Resolutions

Let’s be honest. New Year’s resolutions are a nice idea in theory, but rarely do they ever become anything more than a nice idea. Most of us wait until New Year’s Eve to come up with some self-improving goal that we intend to commit ourselves to January 1st and continuing on throughout the following 365 days. But upon waking up that January morning, slightly hung over from the New Year’s celebration the night before, finding any motivation to get out of bed other than to have a cup of coffee and something to munch on, can be a daunting task.  Add to the mix that you’re supposed to begin a new fitness regime or financial goal, and all of a sudden it can become overwhelming and then you’re second guessing what you so confidently knew you wanted to resolve to do this year.

That’s why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Because like most of the population, I can’t find the motivation to stick to them in January. It’s not our faults, so don’t beat yourself up for not sticking with your goals.  Do what I do–blame the weather. Think about it; seriously, how much harder is it to feel inspired to exercise when the weather is cold and gloomy and you would rather be somewhere warm and cozy?  Or how much harder is it to find the extra time in the day to take a class you’ve always wanted to when the days are literally shorter during that time of year.  And after all of the holiday presents and celebrations, trying to be better with finances as those credit card bills start rolling in can send anyone into a panic.

This is exactly why I wait until Spring to make my resolutions. I begin thinking about what I want to resolve to do this year in January, and by the time Spring rolls around, I’m ready to commit and inspired by the season to stick with it.

The newness of life that Spring brings inspires us to make fresh starts. Birds are chirping, the sun starts shining, and the flowers start blooming. All around us, life is beginning. It’s a new cycle and how much more motivation could you need to create something new for yourself? New life, new starts, and new routines equal a perfect formula for new resolutions.

The warmer weather makes you want to enjoy the outdoors–perfect conditions for planning a daily run or hike to kick your health goals into gear. The longer days bring a renewed energy since the day isn’t over as soon as you head home from work. You still have hours of daylight allowing you to find the time to take that yoga or cooking class after work that you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t yet. The green grass peeking through after its winter siesta speaks to you, encouraging you to start planting that vegetable garden you’ve been visualizing for the past few months.  And what that stressful tax time that’s just around the corner? Use that tax return to help meet your financial goals–whether you’re aiming to get out of debt, stash a little away for a rainy day, or a little of both.

My Spring Resolution is to take more personal time for myself. Whether it be a daily walk among the pine trees, tending to my garden, an occasional spa day, or even coloring my hair every six weeks as opposed to every six months. I resolve to take the time to invest in me.

Every year, people spring-clean their homes–why not do the same for ourselves and take the time to spring-clean our habits?  Let the promise of all that spring brings be the foundation of making new starts and clean slates in our personal lives.  Don’t beat yourself up for not sticking with your New Year resolutions. Think of them as training wheels; you tried it, you did okay, but you know you’re capable of so much more. By the time spring comes, you’ll really be ready to commit yourself, you’ll know where you want to go and are motivated to get there. January may bring the new year, but spring brings the promise of new beginnings. And it’s finally sprung, so let it be the spring in your step to lead you in the direction of your desires.

Have you made any Spring Resolutions?

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