15 Wellness Activities To Restore Balance To Your Week, Even During Lockdown

March 3, 2021

Many of us all around the world are spending more time than ever before inside our homes in a collaborative effort to tackle the pandemic. Current restrictions and lockdowns that are still in place in many parts of the world mean we’re confined to a small space with little social interaction. Feeling restricted and limited in terms of where you can go and who you can see can often lead to feelings of cabin fever. If you’re feeling like your fitness, nutrition, self-care, and well-being goals have slipped through the net over this last few months, you’re in the right place. Here are 15 wellness activities that I practice every single week to escape current reality and restore balance to my life, even from inside my own home!

1. Meditate

Taking time each week to regularly practice meditation can help to clear your mind and allow you to feel less anxious and stressed. Learning to meditate or making sure you meditate regularly can have positive impacts on your mental health and well-being.

2. Soak in bath salts

Bath salts are full of minerals that can have many positive effects on the body such as relieving muscle ache and improving skin conditions. Even if you’re not into bath salts, taking a nice hot bath can often leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.


3. Have virtual coffee chats

Although in-person gatherings may be limited right now, contacting friends and family on a regular basis is important for your overall well-being. Having a laugh with friends, talking about your concerns with family members or even meeting new people online can be a great way to restore balance to your week.

4. Have a self-care session

Pampering yourself might be something you’re doing a lot less now that there are not many chances to go out and get dressed up. Even if it’s putting on a face mask (er, the creamy kind you spread on your face!), painting your nails or brushing your hair, some self-care time will help you to feel refreshed and revitalized.

5. Practice creativity

Whether you’re into art, photography, illustration, or sewing, taking time to get lost in your work while creating a masterpiece is always a nice way to spend a few hours. Even if you feel like you’re not creative and aren’t into arts and crafts, you could try something new each week to find what you like and enjoy doing.

6. Read or listen to a book

Reading or listening to audiobooks is a great way to escape reality while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps set a reading goal for each week or month so that you keep up the motivation. And if you’re not into books, why not try podcasts?


7. Listen to music or play an instrument

It’s no secret that music can influence your mood. Whether you listen to your favorite album on vinyl, play a musical instrument, or pop on your headphones to blast your playlists, music can be a powerful tool to uplift you, even when experiencing cabin fever.

8. Cook or bake

Trying new recipes in the kitchen or baking a cake or 2 can be very therapeutic and rewarding… if what you have created tastes good of course! If you’re unsure how to navigate the kitchen, why not try to join a virtual cooking course or watch a few tutorials on YouTube?

9. Practice yoga

There are so many different types of yoga available to try through apps, virtual classes, and tutorials. If you’re already a regular yogi, you’ll know the benefits of yoga on the mind and the body. Whether your goal is centered around fitness, health, or mindfulness, practicing yoga each week is a great way to improve your overall health.

10. Go outside!

If you can, making sure you head out each and every single day is really important for your mental well-being. Even if it’s just for a short walk around the block, getting some fresh air will definitely make a big difference to your day. If you’re demotivated to head out in the cold this winter, why not try to set yourself a walking distance challenge?

11. Exercise

Whether you’re into running, cycling, skating or basketball, taking time each week (and ideally each day) to exercise regularly can have tremendous effects on your mind and body such as improving your sleep quality, boosting your energy, and improving your mood. If you can’t head outside to exercise, why not get into HIIT or pilates?


12. Ensure you’re getting good sleep quality

Monitoring your sleep and ensuring you’re getting the right amount of quality sleep is key to achieving balance and well-being. The amount of sleep you need will depend on your age as well as what works best for you and your body. Having too much sleep or not enough sleep can be detrimental. Your sleep should also be undisturbed and very restful.

13. Clean and clear your space

Living and working in a cluttered environment can often lead to you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Spending time each week to clean your space and making sure surfaces are clutter-free can help with productivity and your overall mood. If you hate cleaning, try cleaning to music or giving yourself a reward once you’re complete.

14. Organize your week in advance

Taking time to establish a routine and plan your week ahead can help provide purpose and meaning to each and every day. Book in time to catch up with relatives, meet a friend for a socially distanced walk, or even join a virtual class. Giving structure to your day can help to improve your productivity and overall mood.

15. Treat yourself

All of the above activity ideas are ways to improve your wellness and give you balance without having to spend any money or buy any items. However, sometimes, it does feel good to spend some money and treat yourself, especially when you can also support a local business. Whether it’s buying a takeaway or purchasing yourself a new item of clothing, sometimes treating yourself can give you that short-term boost you’re really in need of!

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