These 3 Millennial Vlogging Couples Will Inspire Your Digital Nomad Dreams

September 25, 2018

Are you itching to minimize your belongings, prioritize people and experiences, and see more of the world? These three couples have done just that, and their inspiring blogs will help you figure out just how to make your own minimalist van life dreams a reality. eamon bec van life travels wanderlust scenic

1. Minimal Millennials, Christian & Aubry

Christian and Aubry started their YouTube channel to share their minimalist journey and all of the tips and challenges they’d discover along the way. Shortly after, they bought their Sprinter van, Van Morrison, and commissioned a local builder to transform their vehicle into the coziest mobile home. They’ve since renovated their space over a second time to better carve out a communal area for guests.

christian aubry van life build couple travel

Over the last two years, they’ve made their way from Mexico to Canada and back again while growing their #vanlife community. With special attention to people and experiences over material goods, these two make tiny living on the road feel not only obtainable but highly doable. They might just inspire you to build out a van of your own.

2. Eamon & Bec

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Around June 2017, Eamon and Bec were hunting down a new apartment. Their search took an unexpected turn when they found an affordable Sprinter van on the market and realized they could take their passion for travel to new heights by joining the van life movement. They converted their van, Trinity, from top to bottom. As co-owners of Chaiwala, they brought their product on the road. They continue to manage their business remotely and out of their warehouse in Toronto on a rotating basis.

Equipped with a drone, refined editing skills, and an eye for landscape shots, their videos connect subscribers with such scenic views as Vancouver Island’s natural hot springs and Sauble Beach’s quiet shoreline.

3. 40 Hours of Freedom, Sara & Alex

Sara and Alex converted their own van in such a thoughtful fashion, they quickly gained a reputation for their build—by including homey features like a closet, shower, and farmhouse sink within their tight layout, they’ve proven how comforting a tiny home may become if the adequate time, energy, and investments are made. Now, they’ve leased out a garage to craft one-of-a-kind vans for others.

freedom youtube vanlife travel dog tips beach relax summer inspired

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” -Sara

Alongside their dogs Bambi and Nugget, these two will take you from Alberta to California and back again. Plus, they share tons of advice on their blog about traveling with pets, how to make money on the road, and cooking with minimal room. 

These 3 Millennial Vlogging Couples Will Inspire Your Digital Nomad Dreams

Are you feeling inspired to take your life on the road?

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