How A Vegan Diet Transformed My Body, Mind & Spirit--And Gave Me True Health

August 2, 2018

Do you remember feeling sluggish, sleepy, and tired after your lunch? Do you sometimes know something is going to happen without knowing how you know? Do you already know that your body does not do well with some foods? Just by simply becoming more aware and in-tune with what your body is telling you is taking the right steps to altering your mind and enhancing your quality of life. Tuning into my body’s needs was the first step in completely changing my life for the better. 

How I Fed My Body & Mind

After my near death experience, I felt that eating meat was depleting me of my energy rather than giving me the energy to create, thrive and to express myself fully. I could no longer consume dead energy. Now looking back, it felt as if I began to take on the energy and emotional trauma the animals endured and it transferred over to my body, making me feel sluggish and mentally agitated. To me, diet does not only include what we eat but it also includes what we see on the screens and hear. You are either feeding yourself with live, positive energy or that which is negative, draining and disempowering.

I was never the type who would bulk-up on meal plans, take dietary supplements, or ingest powders and pills to build muscle or physique. At this point in my life, I was aiming for more of the holistic, natural, and organic way of being healthy and fit. I began to attract people into my life who practiced calisthenics and exercised at outdoor gyms at local parks. And as I began to adopt the minimalist lifestyle, I also knew I could save money by not subscribing to gym memberships. People I followed on social media also began to talk about this plant-based diet and transitioning to being vegan.

I thought to myself, “That would never fly in south Texas.” Yet, at the same time, I also told myself, “I was born to fly.” So not only was I challenging myself to grow physically and mentally, by learning and adopting the plant-based diet, but I was also challenging the cultural norm. I knew that any other typical diet that I came across was going to fade out at some point. I had no idea that the next decision I was going to make was going to be the best decision I would ever make in my life. From one day to the next, I unleashed an infinite realm of possibilities and each experience since then has been a blessing.

Mindfulness practice

The Path To Simplicity 

As I made my way through this new way of being, I began to notice how much external stimulation we are constantly bombarded with. For instance, instead of swarming through the illusion of choice and walking down every aisle of the grocery store to satisfy my mindless cravings, I realized that we only have to stick to the few whole food, fruit and vegetable aisles. There are too many boxed and packaged food choices on the shelves, with flashy prints and intricately designed covers, begging for our attention. Just knowing this was already enough to keep me focused on what I was aiming for — simplicity!

My mind was beginning to shift as I perceived my reality in a different way. Aware and conscious of my choices as I reconnected with the energy and nature of the plants. A mind clear of distractions was already noticeable.

The challenge to keep my head from bobbing up and down while I sat at my desk was also immediately gone after I stopped consuming meat and dairy. My digestive system was doing less work, and the energy to keep my brain on and awake was now being used for many other productive tasks. My overall mood was enhanced into joy and I felt alive, energized and happier. It was clear that the decision to be vegan was a major catalyst and more was to come!

The Vital Link Between Diet & Full-Body Wellness

Recovery time from the brutal Texas heat and outdoor gym workout sessions was significantly reduced. Its as if I found the key to a super power that was found only in plants. My body does not ache for days and any soreness from a workout I may do does not last as long as it used to. The pain in my joints and bones that I accumulated from high impact sports and riding horses, has also been reduced to almost none. I still feel and look the same age as when I started this journey.  There’s no way I will ever eat meat again.

Then, came the yoga. Flexibilty in yoga does not necessarily mean from a physical standpoint, but it also expands into how flexible you can be with your mind. If you practice yoga, I am sure you may have noticed this. Some people find yoga and adopt the plant-based diet or some, like me, begin with the diet and find the yoga.

Rejuvenating Mind and Body

Whichever path you choose, yogi or not, there is a sense of unity and a profound connection between all that we experience in life.

How A Vegan Diet Transformed My Body, Mind & Spirit--And Gave Me True Health

They say that the only thing we regret after becoming vegan, is not doing it sooner! Would you agree? 

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Photos: Isaac Prado

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Plant based since 2015, Issac Prado graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Engineering with a focus on environmental sustainability, water quality and regeneration. After a couple of years in the corporate field, Issac traveled to the Eastern world to learn the ancient and sacred science of yoga and is now a certified Yoga instructor based in Austin, Texas. He continues to travel the world learning and sharing the teachings passed on to him through mindful living and Unity consciousness. Follow Isaac on Instagram @iprad0.


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