These 6 Gorgeous & Ethical Dresses Will Get You So Amped For Spring

April 5, 2017
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Throwing on the perfect light, fluttery spring dress when the sun is shining and a breeze is blowing is definitely a great feeling. But what’s even better is when you know your favorite dress has been made ethically and sustainably.

A beautiful dress is something that can brighten up any special date. By choosing a dress that is well-made, timeless, and produced fairly and sustainably, you know it will continue to bring you that joy for many years to come. When it comes to dresses, we know there’s a lot of choice out there. Below are just a few of our favorite brands making ethical dresses that will help bring the spring sunshine into your days, whatever the occasion.

The All-Rounder

Elise Wrap Dress by Amour Vert

Ethical Dresses to Brighten Up Every Event on Your Spring Calendar

The Elise Wrap Dress has a flattering cut, elegant neckline, and below-the-knee drape, making it the perfect dress for work or play. Amour Vert literally means green love, a concept they factor into every piece of clothing they produce. This San Francisco-based label has a robust strategy in place to reduce waste across their entire supply chain. Armour Vert reduces their carbon footprint by manufacturing close their retail outlets. They also use low-impact and non-toxic dyes.


Rea Mini Dress by Arkins

Ethical Dresses to Brighten Up Every Event on Your Spring Calendar

Plain and simple, but never boring, the Little Black Dress has become an iconic wardrobe staple. Paired with a jacket and stockings or on its own with a cute pair of heels, the Rea Mini Dress will give you bombshell status on a night out. The Rea is crafted from certified Fair Trade and organic cotton. Arkins makes every single one of their garments in-house at their Manhattan studio. The brand doesn’t use any animal products and is dedicated to comfort and quality.

The Brunch Date/Picnic

Isvald PA Company Dress by Prairie Underground

Ethical Dresses to Brighten Up Every Event on Your Spring Calendar

You’ll simultaneously stand out from the crowd and blend in with the beautiful spring skies in this little number. The Isvald Dress is perfect for lazy coffee dates and soaking up the sunshine. It’s part of a collection of hand-dyed, customized indigo treatments on vintage garments by artist Izzie Klingels. Prairie Underground make their garments to order and are committed to slow fashion. They use a high proportion of eco-friendly materials such as hemp and organic cotton.

The Black Tie Event

Ana Maxi Dress by Raven + Lily

Ethical Dresses to Brighten Up Every Event on Your Spring Calendar

Is it an awards night? A big launch? A charity ball? If you’ve got one of those big nights coming up, you’ll exude elegance and glamour in this stunning Ana Maxi Dress. Raven + Lily supports female artisans and works closely with groups of at-risk women. When you purchase the Ana Dress, you’re supporting single mothers and widows in Malaysia. Raven + Lily pays them a living wage – helping them raise their families with strength and dignity.

The Work Dress

Charlotte Dress by Ash & Rose

Ethical Dresses to Brighten Up Every Event on Your Spring Calendar

We all need a little extra spring in our step as we head to the office, and the Charlotte Dress is sure to provide it. With the right balance between practicality and style, this vegan-friendly dress is designed to flatter a range of body types. Ash & Rose is owned by a mother and daughter team, Nea and Mary Savoca, who are committed to empowering women, from their designers and makers to their customers.

The Festival Dress

Beliz Dress by Reformation

Ethical Dresses to Brighten Up Every Event on Your Spring Calendar

If this pretty little thing by Reformation doesn’t get you dancing, we don’t know what will. Made out of lightweight linen and surplus fabric, the Beliz Dress is a great mix of girly and chic. By choosing this dress over a fast-fashion alternative, you’ll be saving 372 gallons of water and 1.8 pounds of waste!

So there you have it! Your sustainable, ethical and chic spring calendar is dressed up and ready to go! Which dress is your favorite? 

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