Yes, You *Can* Make Your Side Hustle Pay Off—These 3 Podcasts Show How

May 16, 2018

Do you work in advertising but have always wanted to try jewelry making? Are you currently teaching in the classroom and fulfilling your love of working with children, but always think about going back to tending your Etsy shop?

This is why you need a side hustle.

A side hustle helps you to tend to multiple passions, create additional income, and help you to develop additional skills. It is an opportunity to venture into the role of being an entrepreneur without the need to commit to it full-time and doesn’t require as much financial backing.

There are a few podcasts available that are dedicated to helping you cultivate a business around your side hustle. You can listen to them during your work commute, a break, or even as you are putting in time towards your side hustle. They provide the motivation you need to keep your creative passion fueled and provide necessary advice to get you started.

3 Podcasts The Support And Encourage Your Side Hustle

Don’t Keep Your Day Job With Cathy Heller

Podcasts to inspire your side hustle

Now this podcast may seem ironic as it is focused on not keeping your day job rather than just creating a side hustle. Essentially, some of us may want to have our side hustle turn into our full-time job, but regardless of your ultimate goals for your side hustle, this podcast will help its listeners get started. Cathy Heller fills each episode with the tools you need to ignite your passion. Her podcast features various guests from Kruti Patel Goyal on how to start an Etsy business to Jen Sincero coaching you on how to be the ultimate Badass. Heller makes the show what it is by being a truly encouraging and inspirational host. She conducts her interviews in a manner that is geared towards truly helping her listeners, and shows you that the desire to pursue your passion is not as far-fetch as you may assume.

Side Hustle School With Chris Guillebeau

Podcasts to inspire your side hustle

Committing to an episode every day, Chris Guillebeau’s podcast features different people each day who are going after their side hustle. Each episode is approximately 10-15 minutes long, and are a quick dose of daily inspiration. Each side hustle featured is vastly different from the last, proving that no side hustle is limited or unobtainable. He answers questions and shows his listeners that his main objective is helping other individuals, like himself, do what they love.

Chris Guillebeau is also featured on an episode of Don’t Keep Your Day Job, where he talks with Cathy Heller about his experience finding his side hustle and what makes him so passionate in helping you find yours.

Women’s Side Hustle Society With Gina Fresquez

Podcasts to inspire your side hustle

Host Gina Fresquez features inspirational stories each week about women who sought to build their side hustle into a business, all while working their 9-5. I love female-focused podcasts, and Fresquez creates a community of ferociously inspiring women who are leaders and entrepreneurs. Each episode helps you to get into the right mindset to eliminate your fears, pursue your passion and create your own piece of success. Whether your goal is to create a side hustle that you can maintain on the side or one that will allow you to eventually live the no-boss lifestyle, her podcast is inspiring and filled with tips and advice to push you towards your goals.

Yes, You *Can* Make Your Side Hustle Pay Off—These 3 Podcasts Show How

Do you have a side hustle? What helps you to stay motivated?

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