Dea Vegan Boots With Midi Heel

By Matt & Nat

Mid block heel vegan boots with material block detail by sustainable fashion label Matt & Nat. On sale from $140.

Editor’s note

I struggled for years to find my boot personality. As much as I love the look of an over-the-knee boot, stiletto boot, a cowboy boot, a platform boot, or a slouchy boot (etc) on other women, I realized I get the most out of a classic Chelsea boot with a blocky 2.5″ heel. This is the most flattering boot style if you’re looking to lengthen and lean your lower body, while being practical and walkable. Plus, there’s something very fortifying about having a solid pair of stompable boots on the ground. I wear mine with slightly flared cropped jeans—it’s a very slimming combination. (Try it!)