Tracee Ellis Ross Spills How She Gets Goddess Skin—Skincare, Food, The Works

January 8, 2019

This article was first published on May 9, 2017.

Tracee Ellis Ross—actress, comedian, and winner of multiple NAACP Image Awards—is beloved for her wit and relatability. As it turns out, she’s also a bit of a beauty junkie (just see the beauty section of her blog for proof!). In addition enjoying sampling products like the next beauty lover on the street, Ross also champions non-traditional standards of beauty and encourages others to drop the pursuit of perfection in favor of embracing their natural beauty. “I think something is beautiful when it has an expression of truth,” she told The New Potato.

See How Tracee Ellis Ross Gets Goddess Skin (And Slays All Day)

“Navigating life and feeling good in your skin is not easy for any of us but I think it could be more fun,” she continues. “I think we all could use a lot more compassion and a lot less judgment of ourselves and each other. And maybe we could all engage a sense of curiosity about what beauty is and what it looks like, instead of assuming pre-existing ideas are true.” (We couldn’t agree more!)

That’s not to say that Ross doesn’t have her ride-or-die products for looking her best, however. In fact, she’s so in love with Vinter’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum that she says the smell alone can make you want to be a better person!

See How Tracee Ellis Ross Gets Goddess Skin (And Slays All Day)

“I’m obsessed with it,” the Black-ish actress told Essence. “When I put this on I look like I’ve slept for two days straight! When you wake up, eat Special K Nourish cereals, apply this serum, and you’re fueled for the day!” (Okay, maybe you don’t need Special K cereal—why not a delicious Cantaloupe Yogurt Bowl instead?)

See How Tracee Ellis Ross Gets Goddess Skin (And Slays All Day)

That glow, tho!

With 22 active botanicals (none of which are extracts), this spendy serum does *all the things.* Seriously. Its benefits include improving skin elasticity, providing antioxidant support, moisturizing skin, lightening hyperpigmentation, reducing wrinkles, healing inflammation and skin damage caused by exposure to UVs, detoxifying cells, reducing acne flare-ups via antimicrobial action, and strengthening capillaries. All we have to say is, at $6.00 an ounce, it better do every single one of those magical things!

In addition to anointing her complexion with Vinter’s Daughter, Ross also follows a beauty-from-the-inside-out-policy:  “I mostly stay away from dairy, gluten, and sugar, and I eat organically. I’m a big believer in whole foods and live foods – as in lots and lots of veggies. I work out regularly (mostly so I can eat what I want); I’ve been doing the Tracy Anderson Method for the last five years. But for me, the building blocks of my self-care are eight hours of sleep, lots of water, as much laughter and family time as possible, and following my heart around instead of my head.”

To this end, Ross makes an effort to unplug before her day begins. “I’d like to say [I start my day] with prayer and meditation, but, many a day is started with Instagram. I often remove social media from my phone for stretches of time, because I know if I wake up and start with social media before prayer and meditation things have gone topsy-turvy and my priorities are out of whack.”

So, meditation, exercise, a healthy diet, and the best vegan facial serum your money can buy coupled with an inspiring outlook on beauty—that sounds like a peaceful plan if there ever was one!

What are your tried-and-true strategies for feeling and looking your best?

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Photo: Tracee Ellis Ross via Instagram, Vinter’s Daughter

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