Science Behind How Fear Affects Our Energy—And Why It Pays To Raise Your Vibes

July 9, 2020

Ah, fear. There’s something about it that makes us want to hold onto it. As if possessing fear or obsessively worrying will benefit us in some way. As if thinking about it longer will make us see the solution. As if obsession will make us do something perfectly. Most times, this isn’t the case. 

At its basic level, fear does play an important role in keeping us alive. For example, being near a cliff’s edge we may feel a fear of falling off. Fearing our children will hurt themselves during certain activities will help us to keep them safe. It’s a survival emotion.

But more so, in everyday life, fear has become attached to problems like finding a job, meeting a partner, or getting sick. It’s good to mention that these are still things that are related to survival and quality of life. So it makes sense why fears are associated with being unemployed or alone. Feeling a pang of fear isn’t necessarily the problem—it’s the way we obsess over our “problems” that becomes life-altering. 

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, rates of anxiety and fear were higher than ever.  Life has just become more complicated than ever before, it seems. But it leads me to question: Have our brains evolved to become more obsessive over our fears, and why is this? Why are conditions like Anxiety and OCD more prevalent than ever?

Personally, I sometimes think the longer I hold onto a problem in my mind, the more likely I am to somehow solve it. Regardless of whether it is out of my control (which it normally is). The funny thing about it is that worrying adds absolutely nothing useful to my life. In fact, being in a state of constant fear negatively impacts various aspects of our lives and the lives of others. 

What the science behind this? As Einstein proved, everything is energy. Every single thing in this world is composed of molecules vibrating at different rates. Sound, light and matter all carry different vibrations. We, as humans, also vibrate differently depending on our health and emotional state. Someone who is happy all the time and has a positive view on life vibrates at a much higher frequency than someone who is constantly in a state of fear, anger or jealousy.


And believe it or not, our own vibrational frequency can be felt by others. We exude it like an aura. Have you ever been around someone who complains all the time or has a very negative view of life? Hang around them long enough and you can be sure your vibrational level will start to fall. The same goes for someone who is peaceful and content. The energy they give off is wonderful to be around and can positively affect those who are feeling chaotic.

I never thought about how my fear and resulting vibrational frequency could be felt by others. There’s this interesting theory called the Backster Effect regarding the way plants are affected by energy. Clive Backster, one of the founders of the first polygraph unit inside the CIA, studied plant perception. In his study, he found that plants (which contain water) grew away from harsh sounds and painful stimuli.

It’s important to include here the mention of water in his study. He found that when hooking up the plant to the polygraph unit, there was no result. But after watering it, the polygraph tracings began to resemble those of a human. He even discovered the tracings resembling that of a human screaming in agony when he had the mere intention of burning one of the leaves.

In subsequent tests, other researchers were unable to replicate Backster’s results; nonetheless, his findings continue to resonate with many people who believe in other forms of “sentience” and “intelligence” than we, homo sapiens, are capable of understanding. Most of us take technologies like WiFi for granted without actually knowing how it works. Meanwhile, for the vast majority of human history, such technologies would have been laughed at as insanity. Could it be that energy is the next thing that we discover empirically? And if not, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that constant fear and anxiety lowers your energy—literally. It’s simply draining, whether or not the universe can pick up on your negativity and reflect it back to you.

I’m currently working on raising my vibrational level by meditating and surrounding myself with nature, which brings me a sense of peace.  Whether this can affect the rest of the universe remains to be seen; but it does affect me, my attitude, and actions, which may be the most important thing after all. 



Photo: Krivitskiy, Toni, White, Trad, Mihai, Manguia; Unsplash.

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