Natural Beauty: Belle Scents Review

March 14, 2014

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Lydia Louis, founder of Belle Scents, likes to keep it simple: no animal testing—no mysterious synthetic ingredients. Her skin care line embodies the philosophy that natural is beautiful.  We shouldn’t have to fear the ingredients in our body products!

I had the privilege of sampling two of her concoctions, both of which I plan to use to the last drop/smear.

Natural Beauty, Vegan Beauty, Belle Scents, Dermabutter, Serum

Cute packaging must always be documented.


Sometimes your beauty products just look good enough to eat.  Dermabutter is a lightweight, buttery, whipped body balm made with organic Fair Trade Shea butter, macadamia oil, tamanu oil, squalane (an olive-derived skin-softener), oat oil, and seabuckthorne and rosemary extracts.

Natural Beauty, Vegan Beauty, Belle Scents, Dermabutter

Whipped goodness.

I’ve been applying Dermabutter to my perennially dry and itchy legs.  Although nothing can really cure my dry skin (expect perhaps new DNA—wanna trade?), Dermabutter is so comforting and gives me some respite from the unpleasant feeling of tight, parched skin.

I also like to put a little on the ends of my hair as a leave-in conditioner (natural beauty products make some of the best multi-taskers!).  Bonus: Dermabutter’s warm, nutty scent conjures rich dessert and may just put you in the mood for a vegan truffle.

Anti-Inflamatory Facial Serum

My evening facial routine can be just as elaborate as my morning makeup application.  After cleansing, I give my face a good mist of toner, dab on a little eye cream, then massage my face with one of my favorite natural oils—like argan or coconut (I look pretty greasy before hitting the hay, it’s true).

I was thrilled to try Belle Scents’ Anti-Inflammatory Serum—with hazelnut oil, argan oil, Vitamin E oil, and olive oil, this golden elixir packs in the antioxidants and fatty-acids our skin loves so much.  The serum also contains a lovely blend of essential oils, including sweet orange, atlas cedar, lavender, juniper, and pink grapefruit, and pine—all excellent for promoting clarity and balance.

Lavender, Field, Nature, Flowers

Lavender Essential Oil is one of the many beautifying ingredients in Belle Scents’ Anti-Inflammatory Facial Serum.

My favorite part is probably the rich, soft texture that makes me feel so pampered.  In place of my usual oil, I apply about 4 drops to freshly “toned” skin. The light, botanical scent is the perfect conclusion to my little nightly skin care parties.

The Anti-Inflammatory Serum is designed to suit sensitive, oily, and acneic skin types.  My own skin is somewhat sensitive (or at least I believe in treating it as if it is), a little dry, and prone to hormonal acne (oh joy)—what do you call that kind of skin?  The condition of my skin has improved immensely since adopting a plant-based diet (just one of the many cool things about being vegan) and treating my skin gently.  Natural oils are some of the most gentle, healing goodies in skin care arsenal, so Belle Scents’ serum fits right in.

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Photos: Mary Hood

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