Add These 3 Most Vegan Friendly Cities To Your Bucket List—& Their Top Restaurants

February 25, 2019

Ah, 2019. It’s the year that’s proving to be huge for the vegan movement – and let me just say, it’s about time, amirite?!

There are more and more concerned citizens out there who are becoming increasingly drawn to a plant-based lifestyle. Whether it’s for personal health reasons, the welfare of the planet, or the treatment or animals who suffer as a result (or all three!), there is never been such a boom in food-consciousness as there is this year.

So with this plethora of new, drool-worthy vegan spots popping up around the globe, I thought it would be the perfect time to highlight the world’s most vegan friendly cities that have joined the cause and embraced the plant-based lifestyle.

Not only that, but I’ll highlight some awesome hotspots to try when you’re there.

So if you’re already getting the travel itch, make sure to add these destinations to your vacay list.

1. London

First of all, it’s LONDON. Home to the good ol’ Union Jack, double-decker buses, the tube, the Royal family, I mean…you get the idea. The capital city of the United Kingdom has always been a hotspot for travelers, but today it’s getting a whole lot of recognition for being one of the top vegan-friendly cities in the world.

There are staggering statistics to show just how plant-based this country is becoming. For starters, one in eight Brits now claim to be vegan or vegetarian.

The number of vegans in the UK has grown in the past 4 years from 150,000 to almost 600,000, according to the Vegan Society. Of that number, 120,000 reside in the London area. And how do you accommodate this new, mainstream vegan society? Tons of yummy new vegan restaurants, of course! London now houses 440 vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurants, to be exact. Though, that number is growing everyday based on the high-demand Britain has been seeing for a plant-based diet.

So if you want to hit up some of the best plant-based eats in London-town, look no further than our list below of some of the hottest vegan pit stops in the city.


A trendy, yet casual sit-down restaurant specializing in vegetarian and vegan fare, with locations in Soho, Camden, Kings Cross & Dalston.

A unique, “pay-by-weight” eatery specializing in plant-based foods, with a vast range of gluten free, refined sugar-free and vegan plates inspired from dishes around the world. Open seven days a week on Eastcastle Street in Marylebone.

Black Cat
A casual, all-vegan café famous for budget-friendly, plant-based comfort foods featuring salads, burgers and an on-site bakery. Located in Dalston.

2. Tel Aviv

Dubbed “the vegan capital of the world,” Tel Aviv has seen one of the biggest rises to veganism thus far. With an impressive statistic, 5.2% of all Israeli’s are vegan. This number has more than doubled since 2010 too, wherein only 2.6% of the population were recorded vegan (Read more on those stats here).

It isn’t just restaurants that have to cater to the herbivores either. Large companies allover Israel have had to transition to plant-based options. So, if you find yourself in Tel Aviv, expect to enjoy seeing vegan Domino’s Pizza choices, along with vegan Ben & Jerry’s flavors!

To say the vegan movement is flourishing in the Holy Land is no understatement. Even the Israeli Army automatically offers vegan-leather boots and non-wool berets to plant-based soldiers (along with vegan meals). We also must note that Prime Minister Netanyahu openly expresses support for Meatless Monday (a huge trend in Israel), and the idea of animal rights.

We can’t help but give a big kudos to Israel for leading the way on transitioning to a full-encompassing, plant-based lifestyle – so it’s a given why Tel Aviv is on the list!

There are hundreds and hundreds of vegan friendly and all-vegan restaurants to choose from, all in the center of Tel Aviv, so if you want to scope out some of the best vegan fare, you won’t have to look very far!

Here are some coveted spots the natives love:


A quaint, all-vegan café featuring family-style dishes and treats; tasty dips, salads, homemade cakes and more. Located on Frishman Street in the city center of Tel Aviv.

Dosa Bar

A hot spot for 100% vegan, Indian street-food specializing in dosas, a gluten-free pancake with fillings of potatoes, greens, and more. Located on the popular Ben Yehuda Street in the Old North community of Tel Aviv.



A traditional burger joint with an all-vegan twist. Specializes in burgers and kebabs made from soy and mushrooms, with classic Shawarma made from seitan. Located across the street from the City Garden Shopping Mall in the center of Tel Aviv.(photo by @henyamania)

3. Los Angeles

This may be a city you’d expect to see on the “vegan-friendly” lists. But it’s with good reason! As the capital of liberal-minded individuals, California in general is highly conscious to the effects of animal agriculture. Filled to the brim with artists, actors and even tech-companies alike, L.A. is where most vegans in the state currently live. While other American cities do hold up a torch on the plant-based front, no one is doing it like the City of Angels!

Not only is L.A. changing the game on the plant-based food movement, with a new law proposing that major entertainment venues must offer vegan options, but they also lead the path for all-vegan fashion trends, like being one of the first to ban the sale of authentic animal fur.

With over 150 vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, and major grocery store chains serving vegans (like the very notable Erewhon), it’s no wonder why plant-based powerhouses like Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman, Jessica Chastain and Joaquin Phoenix call this city home.

Look out for some of these delicious vegan joints next time you’re in the sunny West Coast city, and let us know if there are any more to add to the list!

Café Gratitude

A breezy and casual, all-day vegan restaurant specializing in mindful, plant-based fare. Rapidly expanding with locations in Mid-City L.A, Downtown L.A., Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, and San Diego.

Pura Vita

The first 100% plant-based, authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of West Hollywood, specializing in traditional Italian dishes and desserts.

Gracias Madre

A traditional Mexican restaurant with an all-vegan menu, specializing in staple dishes of Mexico, like chimichangas and street tacos. Located on Melrose Avenue near Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Do you think there’s a city that deserves a shout-out? Let us know!

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