Try This Inspired Morning Activity For A Beautiful, Joyous Day. Every Day

July 10, 2019

Sometimes, something quite basic can change your day in a significant way. I’m referring to those isolated actions, words, or activities that instantly elevate your spirit, help you feel more connected to yourself, and remind you of what you’re worth (so much, obvs).

I recently came across a beautifully simple morning practice that you can easily make into something of your own. It takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require any expertise or fancy accessories.

The source was Christina Grasso, who works for Flesh, a cruelty-free cosmetics company that offers 40 inclusive skin shades; she’s also the co-founder of The Chain, a non-profit “peer support network for women in fashion and entertainment struggling with eating disorders.” Her personal account is infused with #truths written in bold lipstick on various mirrors, and a quick scroll through is already helping me feel the self-love.

One of my favorite posts of Grasso’s wasn’t actually written in lipstick, however. It’s a more discreet hand-written note tucked in a bathroom cabinet. Aside from giving us a little shelfie envy, the note is a pretty genius, fool-proof way to start your day in an inspired, loving mood.

Self-care with a side of skincare. 

Try This Inspired Morning Activity For A Beautiful, Joyous Day. Every Day

“Every Morning:

  1. One thing you are looking forward to
  2. Five people in your life you are grateful for
  3. One accomplishment you are proud of from yesterday
  4. One thing you like about the way you look
  5. Your intention for the day

And five deep breaths!”

A note like this on your bathroom mirror (where you’ll have to confront it every time you wash your hands or reach for your retinol) is more than a cute mood booster. It can actually be an effective way to establish a habit of positive self-talk. As Psychology Today writer Dr. Gregory Jantz explains, positive self-talk can be a powerful tool in mental wellness–especially if we’re working on reprogramming negative ideas about ourselves that we’ve carried around for years. “For every negative message there is a positive truth that will override the weight of despair,” Jantz says. And sometimes we need a gentle reminder to find that positive truth.

Try This Inspired Morning Activity For A Beautiful, Joyous Day. Every Day

Combining a quick self-talk ritual with gratitude only enhances the power of this morning activity. Gratitude is actually a well-researched subject, and the data on this thoughtful practice is quite encouraging. Taking time to think of what (and who) you’re thankful for provides myriad benefits and may help boost physical and mental health while reducing tendencies toward aggression. It can also enhance empathy and even improve your sleep. In sum, the science on the matter implies that it’s absolutely worth trying!

Try This Inspired Morning Activity For A Beautiful, Joyous Day. Every Day

Just try it!

Most of us have some system for planning our day and remembering what needs to get done. Perhaps you use a traditional planner, jot notes on your phone, or even scribble a to-do list on the back of your hand. I would expect, however, that few among us devote the same type of attention to our emotional wellness and self-care. I, for one, usually walk around with a vague hope that I’ll have a little bit of time for myself during the day, and I usually have a nebulous cloud of positive affirmations swirling in my head. It’s helpful, sure. But it’s not as direct as an actual note-to-self that greets you every morning.

So why not take a few minutes and jot down some helpful reminders (just as you would after reading an important work-related email)–only this time, the note will greet you first thing in the morning and encourage you to say thanks, appreciate your unique and wonderful self, and finally, breathe.

How do you encourage your own positive self-talk and gratitude?

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Photo: Christina Grasso via Instagram, Jonathan Borba on Unsplash, Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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