Kate Middleton’s Favorite Organic Facial Oil Is Delightfully Affordable

July 7, 2017

Whether you use it for double cleansing, facial massage, your everyday moisturizer or serum, or even as a slick highlighter, chances are you’ve been bitten by the facial oil bug. Since the beauty world has embraced the fact that non-comedogenic plant-based oils can actually help balance oil production in all skin types, facial oil serums have found a place in almost everyone’s beauty routine.

In addition to balancing sebum production, facial oils can provide a skin-loving dose of fatty acids and antioxidants, and many oils have their own specific benefits on top of that. (Tamanu oil, for example, is celebrated for its ability to help speed the wound-healing process, so it’s a must if you’re recovering from a breakout.) 

Kate Middleton’s Favorite Organic Facial Oil Is Delightfully Affordable

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is no stranger to loving facial oils. The royal brunette beauty is reported to be a big fan of rosehip oilTriolgy Rosehip Oil to be exact. This cruelty-free line has won multiple beauty awards for its rosehip oil serums, including a 2015 Instyle Best Beauty Buys Award, a 2016 Bazaar Beauty Best of the Best Award, and a 2017 NZ Best in Beauty Award. And that’s in addition to having a major fan base around the world (one of those fans just happens to be royal!). 

Kate Middleton’s Favorite Organic Facial Oil Is Delightfully Affordable

Costing around $22, this facial oil delivers surprisingly luxe results.

In addition to its beauty award cred, Trilogy Rosehip Oil is certified organic and sourced from the mountainous regions of Chile and South Africa, two areas believed to be the sources of the highest quality rosehip oil. Trilogy recommends applying three drops a day for best results (a little bit goes a long way!). Rosehip oil makes an excellent evening moisturizer or serum. 

Rosehip oil is celebrated for its naturally occurring vitamin A, which helps increase skin cell turnover, a quality that benefits both aging and acneic complexions. It also contains vitamins C, D, and E. Perhaps most interestingly, rosehip oil contains  “Vitamin F,” also known as an essential fatty acid. When it is absorbed by the skin, this fatty acid is converted to prostaglandins (PGE), which assist in cellular and tissue regeneration. Rosehip oil can be used to help reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines, and stretch marks.

Trilogy isn’t the only source of high-quality rosehip oil, however. Pai Skincare has its own impressive rosehip oil that seems to work wonders overnight, and Mountain Rose Herbs also offers a certified organic and cold-pressed rosehip oil

What is your favorite facial oil–and what’s your favorite way to use it?

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Trilogy

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