Adriana Lima's Beauty Secret Makes Her "Look 10 Years Younger" (You're Welcome)

May 2, 2017

We’re so accustomed to hearing celebs promote the same ol’, non-cruelty-free brands, our eyes glaze over whenever we read a red carpet beauty gushing about the latest Maybelline lipstick. But when I hear someone mention an organic brand, my ears perk up.  A natural beauty brand I haven’t heard of? I must know!!

I was especially intrigued by Brazilian model Adriana Lima’s favorite skincare brand—Hervé Hérau.  Hérau is Lima’s facialist, and his products are handcrafted using organic ingredients.

“I like to use products from my facial guy that I go to in Paris,” Lima told Elle.  “I have his Face Cleanser and Gel Lotion, and then two creams, a Gel Cream for daytime and an Extra Rich Cream for night. I wear the light one during the day but I’ll take the night cream and put it under my eyes. It’s really amazing…And everything that he makes, he makes himself, and is organic.”

Adriana Lima's Skincare Secret Is One We Can All Benefit From

When Lima isn’t with Hérau at his location in Paris, she uses his products and techniques to give her skin some TLC: “I carry his products and just do all of it to myself in the morning.”

When she does have the chance to visit Hérau in person, she benefits from his truly custom treatment that sounds oh-so-divine! “He is a different type of facialist. When you go in it’s not like there is a menu, he builds everything for you, for your skin. Every time you go it depends on the weather, and your skin changes based on a million different things–what you eat, where you travel. So he sees you and he builds for you based on that.” Apparently, it pays off. “When I walk out of his office, I literally look 10 years younger. I’m not joking—that’s a fact,” Lima told Into the Gloss.

Adriana Lima's Skincare Secret Is One We Can All Benefit From

Although the Hervé Hérau brand sells a range of products that you may want to check out (be warned, they cost a pretty penny!), I’m mostly impressed with Hérau’s super custom approach to treating his clients’ skin. His technique can serve as an important reminder to all of us skincare junkies that one size doesn’t fit all—even when it comes to comparing our own skin to itself. Depending on the weather, time of the month, and our current routine, our skincare concerns can vary quite a bit.

With this in mind, we can approach each treatment (especially DIY ones), with awareness of what our skin needs at that given moment. For example, while a BHA toner normally does wonders for me, there are some days when I need something a little less intense and more emollient. When I pay attention to these needs, my skin is grateful!

Do you prepare custom treatments for your skin?

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Photo: Adriana Lima via Instagram, Colette

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