Beauty & Spirit Transformation? Here's My Experience With A Holistic Hair Dresser

April 11, 2022

Ever since I first shaved off my hair, I had to struggle to decide if I wanted to keep it short or grow it out. For months I kept shaving it back because it empowered me so much, but at one point I decided to let it grow wildly as it wishes. Recently the weird 80s style started to affect my confidence, so I knew it’s time for a change. But I could not find a hairdresser nearby who would accept me as a walk-in client and the appointments they offered just didn’t fit my life schedule. Just then, randomly I passed by a small place in Inverness that attracted my eyes like a magnet. A holistic hairdresser!

That’s what I need—I knew it immediately. The place was closed that day and I had to call her as it is an appointment-only place. So I took a picture of the phone number and did make the call later on.

Frankly I had no idea what to expect as I never heard of a holistic hairdresser before. It was hard to research what she would do, as there is no website or facebook page where she would advertise. As Rachel Jane said, she loves when her clients find her and are drawn in by the energies because they are the people who are really meant to be there. Occasionally, she refuses to work with some people because of their energies. I must have some good vibe around me, because I didn’t reach her and left a message, but Rachel couldn’t call me back. My Hungarian phone number doesn’t always work here but I had the intuition that I should give it another try. So I called again, successfully reached Rachel Jane and set up an appointment. Later she told me she couldn’t reach me and asked the Universe to make the person who called (me), call again. I love such synchronicities in life.

Being a holistic hairdresser is very unique. There are not many people who work in a similar way, and if they do, I suspect they follow the same practice of not advertising but drawing people in by energy as even Google doesn’t find many businesses like this.

So the day finally arrived and I was beyond excited for this. My boyfriend and I attended a Tibetan Buddhist meditation in the morning before, caught the bus and just arrived on time—I was so worried about being late but I recited the mantra in my head during the travel: I arrive on time. I arrive on time.

The salon itself is very simple on the outside. A white building with a purple plate and a colorful arras with the image of Buddha looking down at you from the window. If you pass by, you might not even notice it, unless it really has a call for you. As you enter this little safe haven, the scent of incense and a sense of peace surrounds you. As I imagined, the whole place has a bohemian tone with many colors and spiritual figures all around you.

I never really liked visiting hair salons as they often feel cold, impersonal and the forced chit-chat with the hairstylist always made me feel uncomfortable. I preferred when my hairdresser friends came over to my home and gave me a new look in my kitchen. But since I travel, it is not an option anymore. Luckily, as I arrived, a vibrant, lovely lady opened the door and I felt so welcomed that I immediately know I came to the right place, whatever will happen during a holistic haircut.

My hairdresser happens to be a healer and psychic as well and she uses her abilities while she’s working on her clients in the hair salon, too. Her peaceful and open vibes made me feel relaxed as soon as I arrived. It was like visiting an old friend.

Rachel Jane not only works with your hair as any other hairdresser would but she works with your energies as well. All together I spent about 2 hours with her what might seem as a super long hair cut, but it didn’t feel like it. She explained how she works while meditative music was playing in the background. First, she spent a lot of time just running her fingers across my hair, feeling energy lines over my head and felling what would like to emerge from this little messy haystack. We discussed what I feel like going with and how she feels, how my hair wants to go. We tried different ways of brushing and dividing the hair. Funny enough, we kinda came up with the same idea.

I got the two sides of my head shaved up again. Somehow, shaving the head makes me feel very empowered and as the locks fell down on the floor I felt this immediate change in me. My confidence started to rise, I felt more empowered and more me again.I was about to say how differently I already feel when she mentioned that my aura feels more expanded. Much better words to describe what I went through. Expansion of my self.

Next, she washed my hair before the cut and it was one of my most relaxing experiences. Even now, remembering, I feel like melting down from my little armchair. Could be the technique she uses with her healing hands or the fact that she balances out your energies while washing your hair, removing negative energies and trauma that is stuck with you—whichever, it works magic still.

It was marvelous how she could tell many things just by looking at my hair—like going through abuse during a relationship and the fact that there are still certain things I could not completely let go of. I had a quite short hair when walking in, but from longer hair there’s a lot she can tell about people and what they have been going through, such as trauma and loss. Hair stores memory. It takes about a day from an event happening to the particular section of a hair strand storing that memory to grow from the scalp. Your hair can change a lot during stressful time and peaceful times, or when you go through hardship in your life. In many ancient cultures it’s also believed that hair is connected to the brain and it affects our spirituality and it is a reflection of our personal health.

Despite of my previous, at times frustrating experiences with hairdressers, having a chat with Rachel Jane felt natural and easily flowing. I could talk about my reasons for leaving my old life behind, going on a pilgrimage, shaving my hair off and spiritual experiences, the way the Universe works, angelic realms and channeling spirits. It’s so easy to open up with the right people and discuss so many things with them that you might not be able to discuss with anyone else. I feel lucky and blessed with having friends and family members and a partner with whom I’m able to discuss everything—but having such a connection with someone I just crossed paths was a brand new experience. Normally I’d turn into a wallflower who observes the whole room and people in it and their vibes to find my place where I fit in, like a piece of a puzzle. But I imagine, for some other people it might be different to open up to someone, especially if in their lives they have no one to share so deeply with.

Finally we decided what shape and form would like to emerge on my little head. Rachel intuitively left the back middle section a bit longer, coming down in a V shape which she called a “more spiritual” haircut. The reason for this was that she wanted the hair to help channel the kundalini energies that are traveling up the spine towards the crown chakra. Mind blowing. If you were skeptical until now, I must tell you that I recently picked up on my kundalini practice again when I arrived to this Buddhist place where I am staying at the moment. Curiously, no one could know this besides my partner who witnesses nearly every morning my, at times, crazy breathing and swirling movements as I try to awaken the dormant serpent in my spine.

Finally the form you see below emerged, and I was very satisfied with it. I didn’t know what I really wanted but it was exactly this.  I can go with my plans of growing it out without much to do after, as anyone could just follow along the hairline with a shaver on the sides and the part I wish to grow it could grow wild and free, as it likes. I felt much different while getting the hair cut and after, but ever since I notice myself being positively affected by this hairstyle. My hairstyle empowers me and I feel so much more centered than before.

Isn’t it amazing how our haircut can affect our whole being? The shape of your hair can build you or ruin you. And it takes just so little to change your vibes and energies. And the most stupendous thing is how my changed energies affect those around me.

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Photo: Imola Toth

Imola is a Hatha and Ashtanga yoga teacher, tree planter and writer and editor of Raised by the Wolf, an online magazine for Wild Women, with a passion for exploring and life outdoors. Originally from Hungary but currently planting trees and rewilding the enchanting forests of France. Hop over to RBTW magazine, and blog and follow her on Instagram @yogiraisedbythewolf


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