This Giving Tuesday, Support These 7 Effective Sustainable Organizations

November 23, 2020

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An important part of financial stewardship is knowing not only how to give, but how to give well. 

In an age of disinformation it’s difficult to know the truth about where those dollars you donate actually go and, to the chagrin of do-gooders, there are all too many tragi-charities looking to make a quick buck off heartbreaking images of babies and puppies. 

In a list of the 50 worst charities compiled by Tampa Bay Times, journalists found that, of the $1.35 billion donated over the past 10 years, only $38 million actually went to those in need while the remaining $970 million lined the pockets of those collecting the money. 

With all of these disheartening stats, it’s easy to feel discouraged. Luckily, with a little savvy and a bit of research, it’s not too difficult to make sure your Giving Tuesday donations this year are making the most impact.

We’ve rounded up some of the top-rate sustainability organizations to support this Giving Tuesday to make sure your dollars are getting put to the projects and values you care about the most. 

1. Rainforest Trust

CharityNavigator Score: 100%

Receiving a perfect score on, Rainforest Trust is an eco-friendly organization guaranteed to put your dollars to good use. Established in 1998, Rainforest Trust’s goal is to protect our planet’s critical ecosystems through land conservation and partnership with local communities and international governments. Their work is responsible for projects such as saving dying species like the bamboo lemur and the blue-throated macaw and protecting rainforest land in Ecuador, the Amazon, Mexico, and beyond. 

The best part? Donate here and donors will quadruple match your donation for four times the impact. 

2. Sierra Club Foundation

 CharityNavigator Score: 95.87%

Quite possibly one of the most well-known sustainability organizations in the United State, Sierra Club’s countless projects span issues such as clean energy usage, wildlife protection, environmental law, and outdoor appreciation. Their grassroots approach to environmental stewardship works with millions of members across the globe to educate their local areas on clean air, water, and energy initiatives. Their work has helped protect over 400 national monuments in the United States.

Donations can be made here

3. Seeding Sovereignty 

CharityNavigator Score: Not Rated 

Seeding Sovereignty is an Indigenous and womxn-led conservation organization that seeks to de-expert and diversify the environmental movement through advocating for and focusing on systematically oppressed communities. Their Stop Pipelines to Plastics campaign supports fossil fuel resistance efforts in order to combat fossil fuel extraction and the adverse effects it poses to marginalized communities and the environment. Beyond sustainability, Seeding Sovereignty also emphasizes digital storytelling and maintains an impressive 257K followers (and growing) on Instagram.

Donate via the following link.

4. Ocean Conservancy

CharityNavigator Score: 90.93%

Since 1972, the Ocean Conservancy has been working to build a healthier ocean through education, action, and advocacy. In addition to helping reduce the trash in the oceans, the Ocean Conservancy also implements projects involving the protection of the Arctic, the restoration of the Gulf of Mexico, and the creation of sustainable fisheries. Donations go to address the negative effects of climate change, human waste, and pollution on sea and marine life. 

5. Green Tech Education

CharityNavigator Score: Not Rated 

Recognizing that the fate of the environment largely rests on the future generation, Green Tech Education collaborates with community partners to raise up a new generation with “green collar skills” for career opportunities in transportation, environmental management, construction and more. Programs include training in aquaponics, solar technology, urban farming, and computer programming. With the goal of giving “youth an eco-advantage,” Green Tech works directly with young adults in economically disadvantaged communities to expand future opportunities and ensure a prosperous and successful career. 

Support the next generation.

6. Center for International Environmental Law

CharityNavigator Score: 91.16%

Using the power of law, the Center of International Environmental Law (CIEL) works around the globe to provide legal counsel in the areas of climate and energy, environmental health, and people, land & resources. Their four-pronged approach to dismantling anti-environmental policy include promoting environmental democracy, counter-balancing corporate power, ensuring finances serve the people and the planet, and strengthening international environmental and human rights law. Donations can be made here.

7. One Tree Planted

CharityNavigator Score: 100% 

For those looking for a direct return on investment, One Tree Planted guarantees a new tree for every one dollar donation. As natural air purifiers, water filters, and climate regulators, trees offer countless benefits to the environment. Since the start of the organization, One Tree Planted has planted a myriad of trees across the globe—from papaya trees and timber trees in Haiti to moringa, banana, guava trees, and more in India. 

Better yet? estimates that the impact of a $100 donation to One Tree Planted offsets a year’s worth of personal carbon emission. Donate with confidence, knowing your dollars make a major difference. 


With countless Giving Tuesday matching campaigns available, take the time to inspire some good in the world and donate to help make the planet a better, more sustainable place to live.

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