Freedom Friday: Best Allergen and Cruelty Free Body Products

June 6, 2014

Allergies to foods are often combined with sensitivity to all sorts of environmental things, especially to ingredients in body care products.  When food is ingested it goes through the tedious process of being digested and eventually the nutrients make their way into your blood stream. During this process, the body is exposed to each and every minute atom that makes up your food; and if the body does not agree with one of these tiny particles, it will be “rejected” in the form of an allergic reaction, which many of us know too well unfortunately. So when it comes to our skin (hair included), the largest organ in our body, of course our allergies will hold true. If you have tree nut allergy it would be wise to avoid tree nuts, right? Well sometimes tree nuts, for example, can be hidden in lotions and used as an exfoliant in skin care products and I would not even think to look that closely at the ingredients list if I already knew the brand was cruelty-free. Here is a list -including an awesome DIY recipe- that is allergen-free and cruelty-free to satisfy your every beauty need while avoiding those icky and dangerous allergic reactions. Just in time to get your beauty on for the weekend! Happy Friday!


Shampoo & Body Care Products


Country Soaps by Marlen-Shampoo

This small business sells out of Etsy and their ingredient list is so very simple. At 7 ingredients in their shampoo- ONLY 7!- they are a great choice for clean, great smelling hair (they also create bar soaps and pet shampoo!). I just ordered a melon-scented pup shampoo for my girls!


Freedom Friday: Allergen Free (and Cruelty Free) Body Products

Allergen-free shampoo, $11

Alba Botanica Gentle Shampoo

This is hands down my favorite line of body/beauty products. Always cruelty-free and vegan this company works hard to help keep animals safe while producing great products. Best part about this brand? You can find them at the grocery store! The only thing that may be of concern in this product’s ingredients list is the fragrance, if you have allergies or sensitivities to fragrance.

Indigo Botanica Ayuvedic Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo is a life saver. Containing only 7 ingredients, it works hard to keep an oily scalp at bay.

Freedom Friday: Allergen Free (and Cruelty Free) Body Products

1121 Apothecary’s Pretty in Punk Bar Soap

This colorful bar soap smells delicious and gets just as sudsy as any other. Use this in the shower or leave it next to the sink and sleep soundly knowing no animal was harmed in the creation of this brand’s products and that it is allergen-free. (It does contain contain coconut oil, if you have a tree nut allergy this can sometimes be a concern, please be aware).

Lush Cosmetics  BIG Shampoo

With recurring, automatic orders of your favorite products (way too many to name just one favorite), this brand has always been a staple in my home. This amazing shampoo comes in a tub and if you just use a tiny bit at a time, will last a long time.


DIY Simple Lavender Conditioning Shampoo

1 small bottle, with a tightly sealed cap

10 drops Lavender Oil (orange oil smells delicious too!)

1/8 cup Non-Dairy Milk (If you have a soy allergy, choose rice or hemp milk)

1 tbsp. organic olive oil

1/8 cup castille soap (liquid)

2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

1. Add ingredients one at a time to the shampoo bottle (I suggest using a funnel if you lack impeccable aim…I learned this the hard way of course) and shake vigorously until oil “bubbles” disappear and texture is uniform

2. Store in shower for up to two weeks and shake before each use


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