These 2018 Fitness Trends Will Make This Your Fittest Year Yet--With Fewer Struggles

January 26, 2018

Although I moved to the states a while ago, I still find myself amazed by the fitness craze in this country. It’s a good thing–although sometimes not so much for my wallet–to live in a culture where working out is valued and where people come up with new ideas, all the time, to make it more fun for the masses.

But the truth is that sometimes it can be a little much, and it’s hard to distinguish between trends that are worth checking out and fitness flukes that will just empty your bank account. So I did some research and had a look at what’s predicted to be hot for 2018 and where you should plan on spending your money. Here are the top fitness trends for 2018 that are worth your time and monetary investment. Let’s make 2018 our fittest year yet!

2018 Fitness Trends That Are Worth Checking Out

Top Fitness Trends for 2018 

1. Meditation

Yes, you read it right–meditation is a 2018 fitness trend. And more than just a trend, it’s really here to stay. The fact is that mainstream gyms have now started offering meditation classes (Equinox is one of them), and there are now dedicated meditation studios, such as MNDFL in NYC, which opened it’s 3rd location last year. And it doesn’t end there–meditation is also now incorporated in other workout classes, like at People’s bootcamp, where classes start with a round of mindfulness.

2. Boxing

Maybe you have noticed it already, but boxing studios have been popping up everywhere lately. You don’t need to be the next Rocky to enjoy this nice cardio workout that focuses on both leg and upper body strength. Between kickboxing, air boxing, and classes with a real punching bag (for advanced students!), there are options for everyone, and the cool thing is that you will work on technique as much as conditioning.

3. At-home classes

Peloton is the latest in at-home workouts that you can do live with people across the globe. And this trend is here to stay! Flywheel also just launched their at-home workout bike.   You can invest in their bikes ones and take classes for life–with real teachers and classmates. Forte, an online live fitness class platform, is another great option if you want to take classes without leaving the comfort of your living room. And guess what? Gyms also seem to believe in at-home classes. Crunch launched Crunch Live last year, which lets you access top quality online fitness classes, 24/7.

4. Wearables

Orangetheory makes its classes more useful by making you wear a heart rate monitor in class. It’s empowering to learn how your heart is doing in a class, and it can help to actually push yourself more or see where you should take it easier. It’s also a fantastic way to track your progress based on real data and numbers.

5. Swim-Running

Really, swim racing, also called Ötillö (Swedish for from Island to Island) is a new take on triathlons–minus the biking. This Swedish tradition is an outdoor race, done in teams of two (you are pretty much tethered to each other), that consists of running and swimming from island to island. The fun part: both swimming and running are done in full wetsuit and running shoes as you alternate between water and land. Check out Ötillö Georgia if you are curious about local options (I will actually be taking part in that adventure ;)).

6. Sweating

The benefits of sweating have never been so glamorous–not only does sweating help with getting rid of toxins, it’s also helpful for burning calories and getting beautiful skin. Places like Shapehouse are popping up on the East and West Coasts. Try out the sweat bet–apparently, it changes your palate, too, and makes you crave healthy, green food. And if nothing else, it’s a super relaxing break from your busy life.

2018 Fitness Trends That Are Worth Checking Out

What fitness trends do you plan to try this year?

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