This Finnish Vegan Sneaker Brand Makes Gorgeous Shoes Out Of Coffee Waste

February 18, 2021

Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to find a comfortable, sustainable sneaker? Ever spent too much money trying to find an affordable vegan sneaker? A Helsinki-based company has found a solution to your problems.

Rens Original is a Finland-based sustainable-fashion brand behind the world’s first sneakers made from coffee waste and recycled plastic. Launched in 2019, these coffee sneakers are not only eco-friendly, but also fully vegan, 100% waterproof, ultra lightweight, and slip-on. Arguably, they are the perfect pair of sneakers.

According to Confucianism, “Ren” is described as altruism and the feeling you get when you do something good for other people. “Rens” is defined as clean, unpolluted, and pure in many Scandinavian languages. These definitions embody the quality and intentions behind Rens Original.

The hashtag symbol, included on all Rens sneakers, represents the impact of social media for our generation. The hashtag is used to join and start movements. Additionally, the hashtag represents building something greater than oneself, while connecting individuals, communities, cultures, and ethnicities. Just like the hashtag, Rens focuses on diversity and internationality. Their team of 16 includes 8 different nationalities with various cultural, professional backgrounds and gender identities.

Rens sneakers have a 100% waterproof membrane made of recycled polyester. This makes the fabric more breathable, allowing the passage of air and water vapor, while staying completely watertight. Rens sneakers also provide the best grip. The rubber outsole applied to the heel and toes offer optimal grip on most surfaces and terrains. The grip makes the sole a perfect shoe for every day use and for outdoor adventures.

How are Rens made?

Rens carbonizes used coffee grounds and blends them with recycled polyester from plastic bottle waste. Rens combines them through an innovative, high-pressure, low-heat mixture process. This process creates the coffee yarn used to make Rens’ unique sneaker. Every pair of Rens sneakers contain 21 cups of spent coffee grounds and 6 used plastic bottles.

Rens chose to include used coffee materials in their sneakers for many important reasons. Coffee is odor-proof (creating microscopic pockets to trap odors and inhibit the growth of bacteria); fast-drying (coffee dries two times faster than normal polyester); and provides UV protection to ensure that your shoe’s color stays brighter and lasts longer. Finally, used coffee grounds are sustainable, removing food waste from landfills.

Rens also uses recycled polyester from plastic bottle waste to extend the life-cycle of plastic waste and create durable, high-performance sneakers.

Rens ships to over 100 countries worldwide. Free shipping is available in the United States and for countries inside of the European Union. For more information, and to support this amazing sustainable and vegan company, check out Rens Original’s website.

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Photo: Rens Original

Angela Werner
Angela Werner is a proud ferret mom, passionate vegan, nature explorer, and animal rights activist. She grew up in Colorado and has been living in Finland since August 2018. She is a college student, graduating with a Bachelor of Business in June 2021. You can learn more about her via LinkedIn.


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