Balance And Nourish Your Feminine Energy With These Five Rituals

February 14, 2020

feminine energy

Are you often left feeling exhausted, like you’re not doing enough like you’re in constant competition with everyone around you for the top spot? That’s because we are living in a masculine energy dominant world. While masculine energy and the traits that come along with that aren’t in themselves bad, they become detrimental when our masculine and feminine energies are out of balance. Unfortunately, current society has a huge masculine imbalance. Think about all of the huge corporations, the pressure to constantly be working, and even our own governments. They are all saturated with masculine energy leaving little room for anything else.

Feminine energy incorporates traits such as compassion, giving, honesty, and creativity, and has unfortunately become synonymous with weakness. As I said, we need a balance of both feminine and masculine energy to function optimally, so if you want to join the growing collective of people who are reclaiming their feminine energy here are 5 practices you can start to include into your life that are designed to realign us with our feminine.

1. slow down

slow down

Masculine energy is all about doing, whereas the feminine energy is about rest and slowing down. One of the best ways you can start to nurture your feminine energy is remembering to sloooow down, take breaks, take days off, rest, sleep well, don’t rush around at a million miles an hour all the time. It will feel weird at first, and like you’re being left behind or you’re not doing enough. But trust in the fact that you’re awakening powerful and strong energy.

2. honor your menstrual cycle

This one is obviously for women, but try honoring your menstrual cycle. Periods can be a relatively taboo subject in society, but really they are a sacred and beautiful process—a literal shedding of what no longer serves us. We should honor them and use them as a chance to reset and rest. Try setting up a ceremony with a warm lavender-infused bath, candles, chocolate, and write a love letter to your womb describing all of the amazing things it can do for you.

3. embrace pleasure

Female pleasure is another taboo subject because for centuries, society has placed far more value on male pleasure. But it shouldn’t be. Pleasure doesn’t even have to be sexual, but if that’s what it looks like for you then do whatever feels good. Self-pleasure can be especially powerful, but that doesn’t mean it can’t include a partner if you feel comfortable doing so. If you aren’t comfortable with that, try a coconut oil massage. The idea is to release the limiting beliefs that women aren’t allowed to experience pleasure and to ignite that passion within yourself.

4. create

One of the key characteristics of feminine energy is creativity. Think of a creative outlet that you love, whether that’s painting, playing a musical instrument, photography, writing etc and try to do more of it. Schedule in time each week to slow down and tap into your creativity. This is a really great way of increasing your feminine energy.

5. move

dance feminine energy

Feminine energy loves to move, especially in the area of the sacrum and hips. Dancing is an especially great way to unlock your feminine energy as well as increase confidence and self-love. So whether you start a dance class, start going for walks in nature or just turn on your favorite song and boogie away in your room, try to move and you’ll feel the feminine energy stronger than ever.



Photo: Julia Caesar on Unsplash; Drew Colins on Unsplash; Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

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