Lift, Firm & Tone Your Face Like A Pro With A Face Roller (For A Fraction Of The Cost!)

March 23, 2018

If you’re an avid beauty enthusiast, it’s highly likely you’ve got a cabinet full of the best cleansers, exfoliants, eye creams, serums, and facial scrubs. Not to mention your elaborate stash of moisturizers, face masks, firming creams, and toners. With such a laundry list of skincare supplies, you’re probably wondering what more could your skin possibly need?! Well, your skincare routine could be missing one important thing–a face roller. And if this latest beauty buzz is anything to go by, you’re definitely going to want to take note of this new skincare trend!

Face Massage Rollers

Face massage rollers have been steadily growing in popularity due to their many anti-aging and detoxifying benefits. When used on a regular basis, a face roller can help activate your lymphatic system (by targeting lymph nodes in your neck and face), and can greatly improve blood circulation in the skin — which is so important because it’s what brings vital nutrients and oxygen to your cells and what eliminates your body’s waste. Lymphatic drainage, or lymphatic massage, can greatly increase lymph flow and reduce the amount of toxins that are present in your body. Stimulating your lymph system can also help reduce swelling, increase the production of antibodies, promote healing, and increase immunity.

Facial rollers are also a popular choice for those looking for an alternative to microneedling (also known as dermarolling). Although it’s minimally invasive, the process still involves puncturing the skin with tiny needles, which can be irritating to those with sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for a skin-toning, collagen stimulating skincare routine, facial rollers may be just what you need to give your skin that extra, glowing boost. Face massage rollers are incredibly easy to use! Simply cleanse your face and apply your favorite face oil, hydrating serum, or moisturizer. Then, using gentle upwards and outwards motions, massage your entire face. To help get you started, we’ve rounded up some of the best facial massage rollers for you to try!

4 Best Face Rollers For Firm, Glowing Skin

Facial Massager – The Body Shop ($8.00)

This simple and inexpensive mini face massager is perfect for traveling or when you’re on the go. The incredibly gentle, yet equally effective tool soothes and relaxes the skin, and helps to lock in moisture for a radiant glow. The roller’s nodules are designed to stimulate the skin without dragging or damaging it and is a terrific alternative to derma rollers.

Face Massage Rollers

Twin Ball Massager – The Body Shop ($12.00)

One of The Body Shop’s newer products, the Twin Ball Massager is made from stainless steel and works to stimulate key points in the neck and face. The massager works best when used with The Body Shop’s Oils Of Life skincare range (like their Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil) as it helps the skin better absorb the formulas. Use the Twin Ball Massager to improve your overall skin tone and to help reduce puffiness and redness of the face.

Face Massage Rollers

Jade Facial Roller – Herbivore Botanicals ($25.00)

You’ve probably seen this Chinese skincare tool on your Instagram feed, and its youth-boosting effects are virtually unmatched! Known for their healing properties, jade stones can help tighten and improve elasticity of the face as well as reduce the visibility of dark circles. Although the stone is naturally cold, placing it in the fridge or on ice prior to using will help maximize the roller’s healing properties. Use the cooled jade facial roller to increase circulation, rid your skin of harmful toxins, stimulate collagen production, and to aid in lymphatic drainage.

Face Massage Rollers

Rose Quartz Facial Roller – Herbivore Botanicals ($45.00)

Similar to the jade roller, the Rose Quartz Facial Roller has immense healing properties and is well known for its beautifying powers. The rose quartz roller is ideal for a lymphatic massage and can help to minimize the appearance of pores. It also helps to ease stress and tension in the body and can help soothe anxiety. (Just like the jade roller, place in fridge or on ice prior to using for added healing.)


Face Massage Rollers

Lift, Firm & Tone Your Face Like A Pro With A Face Roller (For A Fraction Of The Cost!)

Do you own a face roller? What’s your favorite kind of face roller?

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