Dreamy Eco Stationery To Send & Receive—Wedding Invitations & More

February 1, 2023
Eco Stationary: Wedding Invitations and More!

There’s nothing like receiving an old-fashioned letter in the mail!

One could argue that paper stationery is ultimately unnecessary. Sure—with telephones, texting, e-mail, paperless billing, and social media platforms we could get by without our old-school mailbox. Not to mention, going paperless would save us money, paper, gas, time… But paper remains special for many of us. After all, paper stationery inherently shares a different message than its electronic counterpart–and that message is often more enduring, more noteworthy (please, pardon the pun).

Of course, the most eco stationery option will always be electronic. A wedding website, for example, is an excellent platform for inviting guests, collecting RSVPs, and sharing accommodation details without the use of a single leaf. Most are free, beautifully designed, and easy to use. But if you’re attached the idea of paper invitations (I understand, I certainly am!), check out these consciously created paper wedding invites, thank-you notes, and occasion stationery.

As you’re shopping for eco stationery, keep the following ideas in mind:

Recycled paper. Recycled paper stationary shouldn’t be too difficult to find these days. Etsy offers many lovely options for handmade stationery made with recycled paper, a few of which are featured below. You can also DIY your stationery and handpick recycled paper from your local craft store.

Plantable cards. Send love, plant a flower. Bloomin is a sweet company that practices sustainability and prints cards on paper embedded with seeds. The recipient of your card can plant it in the ground and watch it grow into a seedling. Now that sends a message! (Also, the embedded seeds lend a neat texture to the paper—something to consider if you’re going for a rustic vibe.)

Soy ink. Soy-based or vegetable ink takes a bit longer to dry, but these inks only release a minimal amount of volatile organic compounds into our atmosphere. Soy is also a renewable resource while petroleum, the base of most conventional ink, is nonrenewable—and not very friendly to the atmosphere. Soy ink comes in vivid, long-lasting colors, and printers may not need to use as much ink to produce stunning graphics.

Now, feast your eyes on these!

Eco Stationary: Wedding Invitations and More!Square wedding invitation made with recycled paper (Minted).

This simple, modern invite in a pale blush would make a beautiful statement coming out of its envelope—or serving as framed and mounted wedding memorabilia.

Eco Stationary: Wedding Invitations and More!

“Tandem” wedding invitation with seeds embedded in the card (Bloomin).

Bicycles, flower seeds, cheerful design—this invite is perfect for the eco-chic, outdoor-loving duo. Note the beautiful texture of the paper–don’t you just wanna touch that?

Eco Stationary: Wedding Invitations and More!

Rustic wedding invitations made with recycled paper (BeaconLane).

At once glamorous and earthy, these invitations exemplify the sophisticated trend sweeping the green product movement.  How pretty is that font combination?

Eco Stationary: Wedding Invitations and More!

Eco elopement cards (hellosmallworld).

Eloped? Let friends and relatives in our your little secret with these cute elopement cards made by husband and wife team John & Reese at hellosmallword.

Eco Stationary: Wedding Invitations and More!

Eco Mother’s Day card (hellosmallworld).

Eloped? Make it up to Mom with this darling, handmade Mother’s Day card complete with pretty script and vintage color scheme.  Checkout hellosmallworld (link under card) for more occasion cards with quirky illustrations.

Eco Stationary: Wedding Invitations and More!

Pink-striped thank you cards made with recycled paper (TheBlackBowShop).

Show your gratitude with these chic, pink-striped cards—perfect for saying thanks for bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or anytime you need to express how much you appreciate someone.


Would you use any of these invitations? Do you have an eco friendly invitation option we should know about?

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Photos: Minted, Bloomin, BeaconLane via Etsy, hellosmallworld via Etsy

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