2018 Is Shattering Heat Records. 4 Eco Innovations To Green & Cool Your Home

July 27, 2018

Summer is usually a cause for celebration — especially one by the pool, with a cold drink in hand (hold the straw). However, the anticipation of summer can quickly fizzle out when you consider how much energy is wasted through summer essentials like air conditioning. It can also be a lot more tempting to waste water during the hotter months, considering that showering becomes a more frequent habit thanks to more sweat, beach days, and summer hobbies like gardening. There is also all the water used for to keep your lawn well hydrated and green. 

Add to that the unavoidable reality that we’re experiencing yet another record-breaking summer that’s already taken a shocking toll on human health as well as the health of the planet. Now is the time to seriously consider greening your home for summer months.

2018 Is *Shattering* Heat Records. 4 Eco Innovations To Green & Cool Your Home

While summer may be the season you look forward to the most, it’s important to make the (extra) effort when it comes to saving energy and other resources.

Out With the Old

One of the most important summer essentials, besides sunscreen, is definitely AC. Your house or apartment can quickly become a stuffy, unbearable sauna. It can be difficult falling and staying asleep if you’re sweating all over your pillowcase. Running a typical window AC all night, though, can be a serious energy sucker. But to clarify, just how much energy is your average AC using? According to Comfort Pro Inc., “The energy usage per unit truly varies a lot; however, we can give average estimates and examples of popular units that are installed. Here are some specifics”: 

  • Central Air Conditioner – 3500 Watts

  • Large Window Units – 1440 Watts

  • Medium Window Units – 900 Watts

  • Small Window Units – 500 Watts

This kind of energy usage can also really affect your utility bill during the spring and summer months. AC, while a lifesaver on those especially hot days, can seriously impact the environment and your wallet.

2018 Is *Shattering* Heat Records. 4 Eco Innovations To Green & Cool Your Home

Considering that AC is must-have for most people, there have been moves within the tech world to find better, more energy-efficient alternatives to the typical AC unit. For example, take the eco-friendly ice cube air conditioner, Geizeer. Geizeer provides a comfortable cooling effect for only 1 cent a day. As experts at Gear Nova further explain, “Geizeer offers a far better option of central air-conditioning and electric fans. The design allows the use of reusable ice pack as main component combined with eco-friendly material like wood for outstanding insulation properties and powered by rechargeable battery. The Geizeer is shaped like a cube when two parts are put together, leaving air passage crossing between the two halves.” Geizeer can be moved room to room and you can even add your favorite fragrance to it. Most importantly though, it saves energy

Watching Water Waste

Water is another summer (and spring, fall, winter) essential. Staying well hydrated on those especially hot days is extremely important. However, it becomes a lot easier to waste water in the summer. As the temperatures rise, you’ll likely be watering your grass more and generally be taking more showers. This is — you guessed it — not great for the environment and wastes a lot of valuable water resources. 

As energy experts at Vivint Solar explain, there are quite a few home gadgets made to help save more water:

  • Shower: “You can reduce your water usage by installing a low-flow showerhead. These range from very basic attachments to higher-tech, smart shower heads … Smart shower heads let you monitor your water use from an app or from the shower itself … some offer additional features like slowing the flow when you move away from the shower head (to apply soap or shampoo), shutting off the flow once the water heats up (to waste less while waiting for the perfect temperature), and setting multiple profiles to track water use for everyone in the family.”

  • Kitchen: “One sure way to make your kitchen (or any room with a sink) more water-wise is to install a smart faucet …The options are wide – you can turn your faucet on and off with voice commands, program the temperature so it comes out exactly right (without pouring a bunch down the drain first) or purify your drinking water.”

  • Yard: “There are two basic gadgets for nipping outdoor water waste in the bud: a rain sensor, which shuts off your sprinkler cycle when it senses moisture; and a smart control for your sprinkler system, which connects to a wi-fi network to check local forecasts and adjust your watering schedule for best results.”

Water is an irreplaceable resource, and as such it’s important to make the effort each summer to reduce the amount your household uses. Whether it’s with a green gadget or skipping a lawn watering, it’s easy to reduce water waste.

Investing in smart, green technology will reduce your overall footprint on the environment, and while some may be more costly upfront, green tech will save you money overall by providing better management over important resources and cutting down on waste. The ability to save money and energy is at your fingertips, so before it gets too hot, take the time to research and invest in some new tech (and more eco-friendly habits) that will benefit not only you but your community as well.

2018 Is *Shattering* Heat Records. 4 Eco Innovations To Green & Cool Your Home

How have you adapted your home to be more eco-friendly?

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