Going #PlasticFree? Try These 5 Luxe Eco Brands, From Tea To Vegan Lipstick

September 6, 2017

Without a doubt, going 100% zero-waste can be challenging, but the good news is you can easily minimize the amount of trash you generate by ditching the obvious offenders—single-use utensils, disposable cups, plastic bags, straws, and styrofoam to-go containers, just to name a few. 5 Eco-Friendly Companies To Help You Ditch Plastic Because #thereisnoplanetb

Taking into account the fact that the nation tosses about 1.3 billion tons of waste each year, it’s no surprise how problematic our trash has become! Unfortunately, non-biodegradable materials, namely the aforementioned plastics and styrofoam, are destroying the planet—piling up in landfills, in oceans, and in the stomachs of the earth’s most precious creatures. 

Thankfully, there are many companies that have made it their mission to heal the planet by reducing the amount of waste their products generate. Whether they are proponents of zero-waste living or simply dedicated to producing eco-friendly products, here are 5 truly innovative eco brands that are trying to ease the world’s waste problem one product at a time!

1. Tea Drops

5 Eco-Friendly Companies To Help You Ditch Plastic Because #thereisnoplanetb

You can enjoy the perfect cup of tea guilt-free with these no-waste refreshments! Made in their Los Angeles kitchen and available for purchase online or in a wide variety of stores, Tea Drops are the perfect combination of finely ground, USDA organic teas, spices, and raw cane sugar—eliminating the need for not only tea bags, but sweetener packets as well! This is a favorable option to traditional tea bags as many contain harmful toxins and can even be made with polypropylene—one of the most widely produced synthetic plastics! Although Tea Drops aren’t completely free of packaging, they are eco-friendly and are wrapped in 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Tea Drops contain no artificial flavorings or additives, are non-GMO, and the best part is—all of their delectable teas are vegan!

2. Package Free Shop

5 Eco-Friendly Companies To Help You Ditch Plastic Because #thereisnoplanetb

This completely package-less pop-up shop located in Brooklyn, New York is the brainchild of zero-waste experts Lauren Singer—well-known for her blog Trash is for Tossers and CEO of The Simply Co., an organic and vegan laundry detergent brand—and Daniel Silverstein, the founder of Zero Waste Daniel, a sustainable and waste-free clothing company. The duo’s Package Free Shop is a one-stop-shop for all things zero-waste—including many cruelty-free and vegan options such as their Simply Co., laundry detergents and their Meow Meow Tweet bar soaps! If you’re in NYC, you can stop by their store or purchase their trash-free goods online.

3. Ethique

5 Eco-Friendly Companies To Help You Ditch Plastic Because #thereisnoplanetb

Greening your beauty routine just got easier with these cruelty-free bar soaps! In order to help reduce the world’s severe amount of plastic waste, founder Brianne West sought to create shampoos, conditioners, and facial cleansers in bar soap form—eliminating the need for plastic containers. As of last year, Ethique—the French word for ethical— was certainly well on its way to achieving its mission by saving the planet from 60,000 unnecessary bottles, which equates to over one ton of plastic! Along with minimizing plastic waste, Ethique also helps to conserve natural resources by saving about 1 liter of water per bar by not selling liquid products. With items ranging from special bar soaps for washing dogs to those that remove stains, and even natural self-tanning bars, Ethique has everything you need to green your home and go plastic-free. Their beauty bars also last 3-6 times longer than liquid soaps and are made entirely from natural ingredients.

4. Zero Waste Beauty Australia

5 Eco-Friendly Companies To Help You Ditch Plastic Because #thereisnoplanetb

If you’re looking for vegan beauty care products that are zero-waste—the land Down Under has you covered! Handmade in Melbourne, Zero Waste Beauty Australia offers deodorant creams, facial scrubs, and natural toothpaste, all of which are packaged in glass jars with biodegradable labels. The best part is, once you’re done with the product you can simply send the container back in to be recycled and you’ll get a discount on your next purchase. With options like lavender deodorant cream and lemon and eucalyptus toothpaste, the only thing that makes this zero-waste company more enticing is knowing that all of their products are free of parabens, sulfates, aluminum, and synthetic fragrances! 

5. Axiology

5 Eco-Friendly Companies That Will Help You Ditch Plastic Because #thereisnoplanetb

The beautiful Indonesian island of Bali is seeing devastating effects due to mass tourism—overconsumption, environmental degradation, and incredibly large amounts of waste. Axiology, a luxurious vegan and non-toxic lipstick line, is working to make a difference by sourcing their recycled lipstick boxes from the island. Instead of using plastic packaging, the boxes are made out of the island’s wasted paper, which local women collect and boil down in their factory—saving the island’s land and waters from litter and empowering women with meaningful jobs. Although sustainability is a major focus of the line, Axiology also advocates on behalf of animal rights—donating a percentage of their annual profits to various humane societies.

Are there any waste-free eco brands you would add to this list? 

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