Get Your Nails Summer-Ready With These Celeb-Approved 5-Free Nail Polish Shades

May 14, 2018

Do you have a signature nail polish shade? One that makes you feel your best self, one that’s just *extra you*?

I sort of do. A cool-toned pale pink is my go-to everyday color because it flatters my skin no matter what time of year it is, and the color is just comfy for me. But I don’t always wear it even though it’s my favorite. I also love cherry red, vampy plum, and few wildcards—like periwinkle, metallic blue, and frosted peach (I know, what decade am I in, anyway?).

Being open to new colors keeps thing fun! With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of celebs’ favorite 5-free nail polish shades. But first a little detour about nail polish ingredients! If you’re new to the 5-free game, here’s the skinny—5-free nail polish (as well as 7-free, 10-free, and so on) excludes toxins common in conventional polish—the big ones being toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde—as well as potential allergens like camphor and formaldehyde resin. Here more on why we should avoid these ingredients.

While your exposure to these ingredients may be fairly minimal even if you’re using conventional polish, anything that’s a known carcinogen (looking at you, formaldehyde!)  doesn’t belong in anyone’s beauty regimen. You and your endocrine system deserve better. Moreover, it’s of utmost importance to encourage nail salons to move towards more progressive formulations for the sake of their nail technicians (so don’t be afraid to bring your own polish to the salon!).

Okay, back to the fun stuff!

Celebs’ Fav 5-Free Nail Polish Shades

Jessica Alba: Butter London “Yummy Mummy

Jessica Alba Shows How To Be A Modern Mom & Boss

Celebs’ Fav 5-Free Nail Polish Shades

The actress, mother of three, and founder of The Honest Company swears by this cool-toned beige by Butter London. “Their colors are consistently great, but this is one of my favorites,” Alba said of the Butter London line.

Alicia Silverstone: Zoya

Although this vegan mama normally goes for a polish-free mani, she turns to Zoya when she needs to rock polish for a role. “I used to wear nail polish religiously when I was younger, like from ten on. But it’s been years since I’ve worn it regularly,” she says on The Kind Life Blog. “Every once in a while I have a role where it is important for the character to wear polish. And for Time Stands Still, I wore red polish by Zoya every day, because it made sense for my character Mandy.”

Celebs’ Fav 5-Free Nail Polish Shades

Try Zoya “Hannah” for a classic red creme.

Alessandra Ambrosio: NCLA Venice Beach Vixen



Celebs’ Fav 5-Free Nail Polish Shades

The Victoria’s Secret alum was seen at Coachella with Venice Beach Vixen on her digits. This stunning electric, royal blue makes for an unforgettable mani. 

Sara Sampaio in Rodeo Drive Royalty

Celebs’ Fav 5-Free Nail Polish Shades

Also spotted at Coachella, Sara Sampaio rocking this dark crab-apple red, A glam color for a sexy, bold look.

Salma Hayek in Zoya Unicorn Kisses Shade Saldana

Celebs’ Fav 5-Free Nail Polish Shades

Salma wore this fun, fantasy-worthy shade to the 2018 met gala. It was a perfect choice for her unique dress! 

Get Your Nails Summer-Ready With These Celeb-Approved 5-Free Nail Polish Shades

Which of these celeb-endorsed shades would you wear? I definitely want to try Unicorn Kisses Saldana!

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Photos: Jessica Alba via Instagram, courtesy of Zoya

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