Build Your Dream Fall Wardrobe With These Sustainable Picks—For All Budgets (Seriously)

August 6, 2019

It can feel flippant to be discussing fashion when this weekend, we had tragic news of mass shootings in the U.S., not to mention other harrowing issues worldwide. But if you are feeling overwhelmed with the news cycle, let us huddle together in comfort and some harmless escapism with fall wardrobe planning, shall we?

Of course, us being Peaceful Dumpling, we are going to put an ethical and sustainable spin on this too. Sustainable fashion has received criticism that it is costly and not available to everyone, and that conscious consumerism is fooling us into thinking we can spend our way out of our problems. While there is some justification to this line of thinking, we believe that embracing sustainability in one aspect of one’s life often spreads to other areas. And fashion is one area in which sustainability has made some real strides toward normalization. Back when PD started in 2013, sustainable fashion was in its earliest stages; shapeless tanks and drawstring pants come to mind. Now there are options aplenty for conscious shoppers of all budgets and styles. And if you wear your piece multiple times (30+), the cost is more than justified.

Without further ado, here is our wish list for your most stylish and glamorous fall yet.

J.Crew Blazer in Eco Ponte, $99

I gave up wearing J.Crew years ago when I first decided to only buy sustainable fashion. The retail giant is still mostly conventional, but has lately been paying more attention to sustainability. Take this classic blazer made from post-consumer recycled fabric. It’s perfect with pants (go for a different color for a more modern vibe), jeans, or a feminine dress. I would also consider going up a size in this style for more versatility.

Organic cotton t-shirt

Fils de Butte Organic T-shirt in French Touch, 30.03 Euro

If I had to get just one item from this list, it would be this. I bought a gray t-shirt at their cozy shop while in Paris, and have been wearing it about 4 days a week ever since (okay, 5). Their shirts are made with organic textiles woven in France, and cut and sewn in France. The graphics are printed right at the Montmartre shop / atelier. At first I thought it might be boxy and stiff but it turns soft and moulds to your body after wearing. Size medium (the styles are unisex) worked perfect for me. And this design alluding to French house music is très cool.




Vegan and Sustainable Fall Wardrobe Update- vegan pumps

Hexa Raven 3″ Vegan Pump, $180

Every woman needs a pair of pumps that she can actually walk in. These Peta-approved shoes feature the 4 mm silicone padding, and the sleek gold foil sole is made from recycled rubber! Whether you’re running to a meeting or going out on a date, these heels will always look perfectly poised—yet cool.

Matt & Nat Krista Satchel in Leaf, $150

I have been really feeling moody, muted green for fall 2019, and this subtly glamorous satchel by vegan & sustainable brand Matt & Nat hits the spot. This is the kind of bag that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is, and elevates all your outfits.

Tomcsanyi Embroidered Trench, $434

This embroidered trench by Hungarian sustainable label Tomcsanyi has just a slightly whimsical touch to enliven what can be a too-conventional item. The wrist sashes add extra drama, even if you’re wearing your most comfortable jeans and sneakers underneath.

M.i.h. Ashton Striped Recycled Cashmere Sweater, $169

While any cashmere is cruelty-free is debatable. But using recycled cashmere avoids the need for new wool and cashmere, while also giving more warmth and durability than synthetic materials. And unlike synthetic sweaters, fibers shed by this sweater are completely biodegradable. Whether you’re concerned about microplastics or just love the gorgeously minimalist look, this sweater is a fall-weather essential.

Organic cotton shirt

Grammar The Preposition organic cotton shirt, $265

New York-based label Grammar has been on my wish list for some time. Who doesn’t want a closet full of classic yet dramatic white shirts, all in organic cotton? It’s hard to pick just one favorite but the Preposition might be my favorite, thanks to its tie and swingy, A-line silhouette that literally flatters all body types.



Photo: Respective brands

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