A Guide to Palermo: Hip Vegan Food District In Buenos Aires

May 16, 2023

vegan bagel sandwich

Parisian streets with coffee shops on every corner, palm trees gently swaying in the breeze, street markets sprawled across the streets every weekend—this is Palermo, Buenos Aires’ hip art district.

Known for its shopping and diverse food scene, Palermo is the ideal place to stay and eat for vegans and vegetarians alike visiting Buenos Aires, a city otherwise known for its steak, leather goods, and dairy. 

From world-class avocado to drool worthy sorbet, read on to discover the best vegan eats in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

About the Palermo District

girl standing in front of graffiti wall

Sandwiched between the neighborhoods of Recoleta and Belgrano, Palermo is easily accessible to other neighborhoods via the subte or taxi. 

When in Palermo, spend your Saturday and Sunday strolling around the open air street markets for local artisan goods. Palermo is also a short walk from the Museo Evita, public rose gardens, el Ateneo (a modern-day bookshop located in a historic theater), and a Hippodrome that hosts regular concerts and events. With a popping night scene and renowned shopping during the day, you could fill up your whole time in Buenos Aires within Palermo alone.

During my time in Buenos Aires, we stayed in an AirBnB on Soler Street in Palermo, and found it to be the perfect location for a short walk to the subte, excellent restaurants, the shops of Palermo, and more.

Check the AirBnB out here.

Best Vegan Dining Options in Palermo

Grab Fresh Baked Goods at Veganius 

Satisfy your empanada craving at Veganius, a vegan bakery that offers everything from vegan empanadas to muffins and more. Bakery culture runs deep in Argentina, and Veganius has perfected the best recipes to translate Argentina’s rich pastry culture to be 100% vegan. In addition to empanadas, pick up a vegan medialuna, Argentina’s version of a croissant.

Medialunas are less flaky and more bready, somewhere between a croissant and a brioche. With a buttery, doughy aftertaste, medialunas are a must-try during your stay in Argentina. 

Explore Veganius’ options here.

Brunch at Avocado 

woman sipping coffee at avocado

Avocado is a restaurant that offers exactly what it says it does: an avocado-themed restaurant where everything — from the decor to the drinks – contains avocado.

Besides being a trendy food in general, avocado is also an Argentinian staple that differs from the familiar California avocados.  Greener, larger, and slightly creamier, you’ll notice it listed as “palta” on menus rather than “aguacate” as labeled in Mexico. 

At Avocado, I ordered a vegan breakfast sandwich with almond cheese and an almond milk latte, which was the perfect treat after days of black coffee at restaurants without a dairy-free alternative. 

See Avocado’s aesthetic Instagram here.

Snack: Try Havanna Vegan Alfajores 

Brand new to Buenos Aires, the famous alfajores brand, Havanna, is now offering vegan alfajores across all stores. Normally made with sweetened condensed milk, these vegan alfajores contain almond milk and 70% cocoa. 

Alfajores are an Argentinian delicacy and a can’t-miss for your visit. Now, you can try these scrumptious cookie sandwiches with dulce de leche in the middle thanks to Havanna’s new expansion at any Havanna store in Buenos Aires.

Ship them here.

Lunch at La Panera Rosa

picture of quinoa bowl from La Panera Rosa

La Panera Rosa may be a chain restaurant, but that doesn’t diminish the cute aesthetic and extensive menu options that make this place worth the stop. 

Vegan and vegetarian options are clearly labeled (a relief after many restaurants with sneaky meat and dairy worked into their food choices), and the options are light and refreshing. My favorite dish was their quinoa bowl with a passion fruit dressing finished off with a refreshing smoothie.

Explore the menu here.

Dinner at Vegan Fox 

A classic burger joint without the meat, Vegan Fox is locally famous for their vegan burgers, mac and cheese, and fry options. All burgers are 100% vegan with the right amount of juiciness. (And trust me; this will be a much-needed reprieve after many an under-salted veggie burger at other restaurants.)

While you’re there, enjoy the artsy vibes with neon signs and graffitied walls.

Find Vegan Fox’s menu here.

Dessert: Sorbet at Rapanui 

A famous chocolatier and ice cream shop, Rapanui (named after the indigenous peoples from Easter Island) is working hard to increasingly offer more options for vegan and dairy-free ice cream and chocolate lovers alike. They offer a rotating menu with vegan chocolate ice cream and several sorbets. The berry champagne is incredibly refreshing with just the right hint of champagne. 

Rapanui is a chain with several locations. Find the one closest to you here.



Researching vegan-friendly options with international travel can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Explore these options for guaranteed vegan choices to keep you fueled and filled throughout your trip. 

Happy traveling! 

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