Bonding Activities With Your Partner Based On Your Love Languages (Pandemic-Friendly!)

February 16, 2021

Older couple linking armsI hope all of you lovely readers had a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend! Although my partner had to, unfortunately, work over the weekend, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate another day. The pandemic was quite a challenging year for us individually, and as a couple, we both changed a lot due to this new reality we have all been forced into. I wanted to see if our love languages changed and retook the quiz with my partner. Although my primary language, “quality time,” stayed the same, I value “physical touch” more now, which was previously one of my least important languages. My partner also went through quite a bit of change. He previously valued “physical touch” and “acts of service” the most, but now “words of affirmation” is his most important language.

I’m so glad I had my partner retake the quiz with me because I can now be a better partner to him, especially during this tumultuous time where we all need a little extra love. Amidst all of this, money has also been a bit tight between the two of us, so we’ve planned a day-long home date. Our celebration will include quality time with puzzles, The Great British Bake Off, some clumsy baking of our own, and some Almond Milk Baileys (YUM). I’m also going to surprise him by doing his most hated chores while he’s at work and making his favorite vegan omelet breakfast in bed, accompanied by a letter telling him how much I appreciate him! Whether you didn’t get a chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day or if you need some ideas to show your loved ones (partner or platonic!) that you care about them in their love language, take a look at the affordable activities you can do together that are perfect for the pandemic!

Words of Affirmation

– This language values verbal, written, or visual displays of affection. This can be telling them you love them, compliments, social media engagement, kind notes you leave them, and other such gestures.
– Take the time together to write each other letters, make your favorite coffee, tea, or a cup of hot cocoa, turn your favorite music on and write from the heart! You can also share something nice about them on social media or write them a heartfelt poem.
-These ideas also work long distance if you’re apart from your loved one or are separated because of the pandemic!

Quality Time

– People whose love language is quality time actively want to spend time with their loved ones. It is essential for this time to be genuine with full presence and active listening.
– To make this person feel loved, take a walk or a hike together, go explore someplace new, go to a museum, (of course COVID safe!). Take an online yoga class together or any other activity; just make sure you can fully give them your time.
– Are you far away from each other or separated because of the pandemic? You can do these things over zoom or schedule a Netflix party!

Acts of Service

– This love language values when someone goes out of their way to do something nice for them. These are things like bringing them coffee, doing something they’re dreading, or cooking dinner when you know they’re super busy!
– If your loved one values acts of service, think about setting a spring cleaning date together and do the tasks they hate the most! You can also make them breakfast in bed or bring their coffee or tea to them on a morning they overslept.
– If you and your loved one are separated by distance or the pandemic, try to help them out when they need it most! Are they struggling on a school or work assignment? Ask if there’s something you can help research. Are they feeling sick? Get some cough drops, Epsom salt, their favorite soup, and a box of tissues delivered to them.


– The gift love language is more about the visual representation of love rather than any monetary value. This person wants to see that you thought about them, even if it’s something as small as bringing them a flower you saw growing on a bush on your way to work.
– Someone with a gifting love language would appreciate the two of you making something for each other, with intention. Think of why you are making that particular item for this person and let them know! Some ideas are a clay sculpture, jewelry, baked good, a wildflower bouquet you picked, a playlist curated just for them, or get them their favorite treat!
– If you are separated for a week (or longer if you’re up for the challenge), collect small things that remind you of your partner, send them a care package with these items, and explain your thoughts behind each one in a letter!

Physical Touch

– People with the physical touch love language value physical signs of affection. This can mean cuddling, kissing, holding hands, etc., but it doesn’t mean it’s all of those either.
– A loving activity to do for this person would be giving them a nice massage or dancing together to your favorite music.
– Physical touch is obviously a more challenging love language to accommodate through distance, but it’s not impossible. To make this person feel loved, you could try crocheting or knitting a blanket and mailing it to them. To make it extra special, spray some of your perfume or cologne on it! Something more simple could just be calling or texting them and letting them know how much you’re looking forward to giving them a big hug the next time you see them.

An important factor to keep in mind is that most people value several love languages and only prefer some to others. You can combine these activities in various ways or at different times to create stronger relationships between you and your loved ones. Are there any other activities you appreciate for a particular love language or like to do for someone else?

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