Plan A Trip To The Pacific NW & Discover These 6 Best Vegan Restaurants In Vancouver BC

January 4, 2022


Vancouver is a beautiful city on the west coast of Canada. It’s surrounded by mountains, sea, and endless forests. It’s home to outdoor adventures such as the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (magically lit up in the winter time) and a wide array of wildlife adventures such as whale watching. It’s also paradise for vegans, thanks to its amazing selection of vegan restaurants!

Here are six of the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC:

Chi Plant Based

This place has a plethora of organic vegan dishes, and they prioritize sustainability. The chef is a woman, which makes it an important place to support. The menu is colorful and everything is served family-style to cultivate a community feeling. Expect delicious dishes such as veggie rolls and lettuce cups, butternut squash and sage pierogi, vegan boeuf bourguignon and bibimbap, and other international flavors! Everything is flavorful, fresh, and globally influenced. It’s a fantastic place to explore new cuisines in a cruelty free and tasty way. They even serve natural wines so be prepared for an amazing night out!



Chickpea began with a love for hummus. Eventually, the hummus eatery got so popular, that the chef Itamar Shami started cooking up Mediterranean dishes. Now, they are a community involved, conscious eatery serving up some of the most beloved food in the city. Stop in for rainbow chickpea tapas, baba ganoush, labaneh, kasum, shakshuka, and other incredible Middle Eastern creations. You can even get a Hafla—a feast for multiple people to enjoy! Most of their dishes are gluten free as well, making this place ideal for people of many diets!

Pizzeria Grano

This southern Italian pizzeria specializes in Neapolitan vegan pizza, using sustainable and local ingredients in every dish! Their antipasti menu is full of fresh options like arugula salad, complete with “arugula, pear, red onion, tossed in a house-made almond, caper, lemon vinaigrette”—which is absolutely divine. Their pizzas range from margherita to pesto to patate. They even make delicious vegan desserts like tiramisu and cannolis! Thanks to their heartwarming food, this is an ideal spot to enjoy during the rainy season when it’s cold and misty outside.


A city-wide chain, this beloved local spot is known for their flavorful casual dishes.


It’s a fantastic place to get to know classic regional favorites such as calamari, poutine, and cronuts—all vegan of course! They are also extremely involved in the community, they donate often to local causes, and their staff even volunteers regularly at local farm animal sanctuaries. They have received endless awards, and continue to make the community a better place with good, cruelty free food, and activism.


Eternal Abundance

This is a 100% vegan and organic grocery, and the cafe inside is serving up wholesome and ridiculously good food. Their menu is huge, offering a selection of smoothies, meals, and drinks. The Smoked Tofu Benny is especially good, as it’s described as being made of “House-made caraway oat biscuits topped with smoked tofu slices, creamy cashew hollandaise, avocado, wilted kale and fresh tomato”—does not get better than that! They also make amazing dishes such as quinoa waffles, seaweed salad, tempeh bowls, and green soup! It’s cozy, healthy, and all made in-house in small batches to avoid food waste! Don’t skip this spot.

Aleph Eatery

This vegan Middle Eastern eatery is called the “oasis in an industrial neighborhood,” thanks to their beautiful food they craft. They have consistently been granted prestigious awards for their food, and are continually a favorite among locals year after year. For breakfast, enjoy the vegan shakshuka or the Zaatar Man’ousheh. For lunch? Look no further than their flavorful shish kababs! Among delicious sides and desserts, the lemon olive oil cake is especially divine.

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