Need A Mini Vacation? Here Are Three Of The Best Vegan Cities In The U.K.

August 12, 2022

From sushi to ice-cream, you can find plant-based options for almost everything in the UK. If you’re traveling around the country and you’re looking for some great vegan food, here are three must-visit cities to put on your list.


Situated right next to the sea, Brighton is a must-visit seaside town with a great range of vegan options. The city has a lot to offer and has over 240 vegan friendly restaurants and cafes.

Brighton boasts a huge range of vegan food options, from burgers to ice cream, sushi to pizza, and pittas to fish. It is home to many vegan food chains such as The Vurger Co and What The Pitta, and also hosts many smaller, independent vegan places to eat.

Brighton has often been hailed as the vegan place to visit in the UK and reportedly has over 70,000 vegans living in the city.



Three Of The Best Vegan Cities In The UK

As the capital of the UK, London is a great hotspot for vegan cafes and restaurants. There are over 150 vegan restaurants and cafes in the city, all offering a variety of different options.

Some notable vegan hotspots include places like Mildreds, Unity Diner, and the Box park.

Mildreds is a long-standing vegan restaurant that offers a variety of vegan cuisine and has restaurants in six locations across London. Unity diner is another favorite as a non-profit, vegan restaurant focused on English cuisine, with the profits going towards animal rights campaigns.

If you’re looking to explore areas that are popular vegan hangouts, the Box park in Shoreditch is a great place to try exotic vegan food.

It’s also worth making time for Vegan Nights—a great vegan event that’s worth getting tickets for. Every month or so Vegan Nights host an evening where people get together to enjoy vegan food, listen to music and have a good time.



Nottingham is located in the midlands and is an artistic place with a variety of vegan restaurants nestled in the heart of the city. Some notable places to eat include Annie’s Burger Shack, The Prickly Pear, and No.Twelve.

Annie’s Burger Shack is a burger restaurant that can make anything on the menu vegan—just ask.  The Prickly Pear is a long-standing all vegan café that serves junk food like doner kebab, jerk fries and mac and cheese.

No.Twelve is an upscale restaurant that specialises in tasting plates. They’ve created incredible vegan alternatives for unusual foods like camembert and stilton cheese.

Nottingham is also home to Clemie’s Vegan Cakes, which is an incredibly popular vegan cake business with a shop you can visit in the city.


There are countless vegan restaurants worth visiting across the UK, but if you’re eager for comforting, exotic, and easy to find vegan options, these three cities will have everything you’re looking for.

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